Last Friday Night

December 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Last Friday night was the most interesting night of my life. I accidently helped a fugitive, I was chased by the cops, and was caught. This was not supposed to happen. This wasn't the plan. But, of course every hint of karma that I have ever come to deserve in my life came back to bite me that Friday night. And you want to know the unbelievable part? I got away with it.

This all started on Thursday, when my family and I were going to spend the weekend in Jacksonville to visit my mother's best friend and her family. My mother had grown up in Jacksonville, so she always makes time each summer to go visit. She always drags my dad and I with her; even though we both hate Christine's hostile husband and her no-filter kids.

By Friday afternoon I was almost suicidal. My parents and Christine and Paul went to go meet up with all their old high school friends at some festival. Unfortunately, I was stuck with dumb and dumber and their older brother; dumbest. Not how I would like to spend my summer; even if it was only one day. Ian(a.k.a., Dumb) was seven, Sara(Dumber), was twelve, and Cory(Dumbest) was sixteen. What was I supposed to do with these people? The two younger ones would run around screaming causing havoc because they're never disciplined. And the older one was really sarcastic and made smart remarks. It was safe to say I was with the fire-breathing dragons and demons down below.

I somehow managed to survive until 6 p.m. That's when things started to go downhill.

"Chelsea, have you seen by brother?" asked Sara, rather loud.

"Yeah. He's upstairs." I responded. It was really hard for me to keep back the attitude I so wanted to dish back in her face.

"Not that one. Where's Ian?" Snapped Sara. I turn my head from my book to face her.

"What do you mean? I thought he was with you?" I asked. I started to get a little worried because Christine and Paul had never really taught these kids from wrong to right. They don't fully understand the dangers that can happen when you wonder alone. Especially in the city of Jacksonville.

"Nope. We we're out front riding our bikes with the kids across the street, then I had to go use the bathroom. I just went back out there and they we're all gone." said Sara.

"Well how about you and me go to the neighbor's and see if he's there?" I asked.

"Whatever." said Sara with attitude.

Once we got to across the street, Sara and I learned that the kids that Ian was just playing with we're already in their house getting ready for dinner. Once we talked the boy-Jake- he said Ian wanted to go get some ice cream, so he rode his bike to Cold Stone.

"Dang it," I said to Sara. "Go tell Cory we're going to have to take his car and go look for him." I really hate having things go wrong. And I especially hate it when it's my responsibility.

Cory, Sara, and I got in the car, ready for the search. Cory wasn't too happy about the fact we had to "waste" his gas.

"Maybe if you actually watched him, we wouldn't all have to do this. If he ends up lost, I'm telling my parents it was all your fault," Cory said. His comment was obviously directed at me.

"Of course you are. Let's get him, okay?" I responded.

After about fifteen minutes, we finally made it to Cold Stone. It was weird to me that that little boy was able to come all the way down here-on his bike nonetheless. We all got out of the car and made our way to the table Ian was eating his ice cream at. After a couple minutes of me telling him he should never do that again, and after he finished his ice cream, we all got up to walk back to the car.

When we got to our car, there was a woman right in front of the driver's seat, obviously waiting to talk to the car's owner. Cory slowly approached her and said, "Can I help You?". Those we're the nicest words I've ever hear come out of that guy's mouth.

"Well I noticed that you are the only car in the lot, and I was wondering If maybe I could possibly get a ride?" said the woman. I was a little taken back at her straightforwardness. She didn't look trashy or dangerous; she looked like a college student. Still, I would never say yes to a stranger who wanted a ride.

"Well you certainly can," said Cory with a huge smile on his face before I could object. Was he really that stupid? But I just bit my tongue because it's his car, and these people already think I'm a little too uptight. "Where are we taking you?" asked Cory.

"Pine Street. It's just off Main Street-I'll show you the way." said the woman.

The woman-whose name was Judy- sat in the back seat with kids. After Cold Stone, we headed on the main road. We've already been driving for about thirty minutes, and Judy didn't give any specific details on where exactly we were taking her. This for me, was really suspicious, but Cory just kept driving where she was navigating.

After two hours of mindless driving, she finally gave Cory the go-ahead for dropping her off at a gas station of the free way.

When Judy finally got out of the car, I asked Cory, "Why on earth would you give a hitch hiker a ride? And to the middle of know where?!". Cory turned and looked at me directly in the eye and said, "Because I can,". I was really starting to hate his stupidity. "hey do you think you can take over the wheel? I'm beat."

"Fine." I said while slipping into the drivers seat.

The four of us got back on the free way, heading back to the house. I could tell the kids were getting tired because of their countless yawns. About twenty minutes into the drive, we notice sirens behind us. I instantly pull over. The over-weight cop got out of his car and made his way to my window.

"Problem officer?" I asked.

"Actually yes there is. Your tag was seen at the gas station just a few miles down the road here. Is that true?" asked the cop. I wasn't expecting a question like that, I was expecting him to tell me I was speeding or something.

"Uh yes? What does that have to do with anything?"

"That woman you dropped off? What was her name?"

"Judy I think? Why?" I said. The cop quickly changed his mood and looked ready to attack.

"Ma'am please step out of the vehicle. You're under arrest for temporarily harboring a fugitive."

My heart started to pound. I couldn't go to jail. But I can't not get out of the car. I look to the passenger seat at Cory and his eyes are wide. I look back to the kids, and they too looked scared.

"A fugitive? We didn't know she was wanted! We don't know her! She just need a ride!" I pleaded. They cop just looked at me like he assumed I was lying.

"Well Ma'am, you're now arrest for picking up a hitch hiker too."

What was going on? This couldn't be real. This can't be real. I had to think fast. But what do I do? This could ruin all chances for college for me.

And that's when it happened. The dumbest thing my brain has every thought of before, and the dumbest thing I have ever done before. I knew I was going to regret it, but I wasn't going to let this happen.

I don't even know what I was doing. It was like my body over took my head and started to do whatever it wanted. I looked ahead at the road in front me. My hand changed the gear. And I floored it. I could hear the cop yelling at me and into his walky, but I didn't stop. I couldn't stop.

The kids in the back were gasping and Cory was laughing really hard. Of course he liked this, he likes anything dumb and reckless. I could not rap my head around what I just did. How could I be so incompetent? I knew I was going to get caught. They had our tag. But still, I just kept driving.

After 110 miles, the police finally caught us on the corner of You've Got a Purty Mouth and Redneck Lane. A.k.a., the hick side of Jacksonville. By now, I'm crying my eyes out, Cory's still laughing, and Sara and Ian look scared out of the minds. After another hour of questioning and our parents coming to the station, I just couldn't stop saying "I didn't mean to!". My parents looked really disappointed, but I like they understood why I did it.

Just when they we're going to tell us what we were charged of, a State Trooper came in the station with a big grin on his face.

He looked at me and said, "Hey little girl," In a thick country accent. "That felon just saved your life. While my team was on the look for you, we found that Judy in a on the side of the road trying to catch a ride with a truck driver. So really, you helped us catch someone that's on the Florida's Most Wanted List. We should be thanking you."

Bliss. True bliss. That's what I was feeling. The policemen dropped all charges and we were free to leave. Ian and Sara we're just happy to go home, and Cory, well he'll never let me live this down. Now this night can forever be a "Hey! Remember that time when..." kind of memory.

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