Jake Flint and the Underworld

February 1, 2012
By Larry47 BRONZE, Everson, Washington
Larry47 BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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Back at George Midway High School in Miami, Florida was a kid named Jake Flint who was not one of the coolest kids around. Right as soon as the bell rang, Jake bursts out that door and runs to his bike. A gang of bullies run after Jake and rides after him. All of the sudden, a thunderstorm came along and the bullies went away preventing themselves from getting wet.
Jake continues riding home as fast as possible and then a lightning bolt flies right at him and knocks him out. He wakes up and finds himself lying in the sand and sees a man made of water splashing water in his face to wake him up and also a huge glowing bright man in a toga. “Well hello there boy. Finally awake I see” says the man in the toga. “I am Zeus and this is my brother Poseidon” pointing to the man of water. “Look! We need someone with great agility and strength to defeat our brother Hades from changing the Earth to Hell” said Poseidon. “I cannot do that. I’m first of all scrawny nor do I have the strength or even the powers to defeat Hades” said Jake. “Guess again young man” said Zeus. “I have given you the amount of powers electricity could ever give you.” The Jake snarls back asking “So what? I can shoot electricity from my hands and run super fast?” “That’s not all… You will learn about these abilities you also have as you go along your journey.” Zeus replies. “Whoa whoa whoa! I never said I was going. How do I even know you guys are real and aren’t just some weird people pretending to be these people so called Poseidon and Zeus?” Jake replies with confusion. Zeus raises his hands and forms a sword out of lightning. “Take on this adventure and we will make you a God. This sword is what you will use to help protect yourself at all costs, even the innocent ones around you” Zeus says as he shrinks the sword into Jake’s pocket. “You will not fail us Jake” Poseidon adds on. They both disappear out of thin air. “Wait! Wait!” Jake replies too late.
The bullies find Jake on the beach and one says “Hey! Look! There he is…” and they all run after him. Jake decides to put his powers to the test by running around them super fast, packing them together like sardines and knocks each of them out punching them as he continues to run around. As Jake runs off, a huge fire hole forms in the ground and a bunch of Hades’ minions grab the bullies and drag them into the hole.
When Jake finally got home, he saw the house was empty. “Mom?!? Dad?!?” Jake yells out. “Looking for your parents?” A mysterious voice speaks out. “Who are you and what have you done with my parents?” Jake asks all angry. “Well I’m glad you’re happy to meet me” Hades says coming out of the TV with a sarcastic voice. “You aren’t going to do anything because if I see you come at me now or even later on, your parents and everyone around you will die and I will have you suffer with the rest of them in Hell. You understand me?” Asks Hades. Hades creates a hole to Hell and leaves. The hole stayed open and Jake decided to go in and release his parents and the bullies.
Hades pops out of nowhere flying at Jake to kill him and Jake throws pulls out his lightning sword and stabs Hades in the Heart. Jake saw the staff of the underworld and took it. As Jake exits everyone out of Hell, A beam of light shines on Jake and rises him to Heaven. Jake sees Zeus and brings him the staff and Zeus proclaims “You are now a God my boy.”

The author's comments:
This piece was originally an assignment I had to do for English 12 making our own stories with a message and a sort of religion twisted in there, but we were focusing on greek gods, so I used them for this piece even though I am actually Catholic in the mind and heart.

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