Dirt Jumps

February 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Its funny how some people have the nerve to judge others by the way they look. Well this story starts out on a beautiful summer day. No clouds what so ever, just blue skies and of course Zack and me riding up to the dirt jumps. Taking the normal route, down HW 33, up Oak View Ave, down Mountain View and Mahoney, and strait through Valley Rd all the way to the community center, and finally up the hill to the baseball park.
Zack and I were just warming up on the medium sized jumps; they are at least 7 feet long and pop you up about 5 feet high. We would occasionally stop to talk about getting sponsored for dirt jumping. I would usually start by saying, “Wouldn’t that be cool if we got sponsored by Red Bull or Rockstar!”
Zack would normally reply yelling back, “Ya, that would be sick!” then we would train the biggest jump there; this one is a monster of 14 feet long and popping you up 7 feet in the air! So after jumping for about an hour or two a man with a dirt bike helmet and a new 2012 specialized P.3 rides up, and with out warming up hits the biggest jump! It was obvious he had been jumping for a long time. After the guy jumped, Zack and I decided to go show off our mad skills, so we went up to the starting point of the big jump and just took off and the jump. As we were riding I look to see if the guy was looking, and of course he was looking when I looked directly at him.
So after we train the big jump, we rest the bikes on the leaf covered table and sit down to take a drink of water. The guy walks and to our surprise he sits next to Zack. He takes of his helmet, I almost faint when he does, and it’s Travis Pastrana! He looks at Zack and me directly in the eye and says, “Would you to like to be sponsored by Red Bull, because I can get the hook up.”
Immediately say yes, and I’m pretty sure Zack agreed with me in his head. The sponsorship took a while with paper work, running the dirt track a couple of times to show Red Bull how good we were and for them to see if were good enough from their team. Surprisingly they sign us up, Zack and I are ecstatic to hear this amazing news.
It was about two weeks after the sponsorship we were off to our first dirt jumping comeetition. We were shipped off to the Red Bull compound to practice for the comeetition in Lake Piru. We mostly ate, slept, and lived dirt jumping for about two weeks! It was very tiring. When we got to the comeetition we were able to take a couple of test laps to get the feel for the jumps. When we were about done with our test laps some random guy was telling Zack he sucked and didn’t belong there. So I butted in looking straight to the guys face saying, “Some body’s looks don’t determine their looks.” And we walked away. That guy didn’t even look at us for the rest of the day. So it turned out that Zack won by about three and a half more points I had. Well it turned out that it was a great experience.

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