The Unknown

January 30, 2012
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After travelling on the desolate road for hours the lost couple
finally caught glimpse of a motel sign. With relieved hearts the couple parked their Volkswagen Beetle in front of the gas station that was illuminated with an OPEN sign. They went inside to get some snacks with their last hundred dollars. They also hoped to refill the car with gas because they travelled for hundreds of miles.
The exhausted wife collapsed on the seat while the husband got out to refill the car with fuel so that they could get to the city.
“Honey I am going to the cashier would you like to come with me to get something to eat?”
“No, it is alright, I am not hungry now; I am just going to relax for some time. Please hurry up I want to get to the city as soon as possible, we have been travelling for hours now.”
The wife fell asleep right after the husband left to get to the cashier but a strong smell of petroleum soon woke her up. The nozzle was still in the car where she was sleeping, and there were hundreds of gallons of oil surrounding the car. Frantically the wife opened the door and went into the mart to see her husband. She opened the mart and felt around to turn on the lights in the pitch black mart. Small path lights peered out of the back entrance which was closed from the inside by around 20 locks. The wife pacing her steps carefully, trying not to make any noise, she slowly moved towards the door. One by one she unlocks the locks and the door shrieked out loud and opened, showering in bright yellow light which sucked her into the vortex of Emeria.
She fell into a soft could on which she bounced back up in the air and fell on back right on top of the cloud. Dazed, she slowly she got up and crawled to the end of the cloud looking down a just five feet below her is the ground covered with roses and lilies. She slowly hanging on to the soft cloud got herself down to the ground. Then right after she got to the ground she felt almost weightless. She tried to jump over the huge bush right in front of her and she went flying into the air. Her first instinct was to figure out where she actually was. She started looking around to find any sign of civilization or life.
She slowly but cautiously started walking towards the edge of the plain. There was complete silence. Skipping along, she felt an unusual happiness she has never felt before. She felt as if she was a superhero flying through the “air”. Jumping into the sky and landing on the soft clouds. She did not feel exhausted, she did not feel thirty, she sleepy or hungry. For a moment she stopped and tried to walk through the ground thinking she was dead and was in heaven.
Days and nights passed and she was still exploring her newly found heaven. She smelled every flower, jumped over every evergreen and laid on top of every cloud. But one thing she has been reluctant to do was go to the dark forest surrounding the heaven.
She has once noticed a shadow figure which emerged for couple of seconds and disappeared back into the dense forest. Now that days have passed she started feeling lonelier and wanted to meet other people and she decided to go into the forest to look for someone. Suddenly a thought passed her mind that she has never even once thought about, where her husband would be.

With great temerity she ran into the forest, with only one goal in her mind, to find her husband. Once she got right into forest she felt a sudden heaviness she has not felt for days. Her legs could not stand the pressure and she collapsed. She felt heavier and found it harder to breath. She started feeling completely exhausted and just wanted to lie down and sleep.
Almost a day later she woke up shivering on a cold and hard floor of a prison cell.

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Allicat001 said...
Apr. 5, 2012 at 8:04 pm
Really well done! I'm definitely going to read more!
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