January 23, 2012
Power rippled through my veins, sizzling my nerves like electricity, the beast of long ago brought forth. Senses slammed into me, filling me with knowledge of everything that surrounded me. I took a deep breath, and sighed with pleasure of the old bringing me back. How did that work, I thought, how did I loose myself and become practically human? How did I let myself go?
Slowly I curled my fingers, then splayed them. Looking at those watching me I clenched my fists and gave the devious grin that used to haunt my face. It was a go signal, seven thugs leapt for me. What used to sound silent now sounded loud. A low growl echoed in my throat, as I watched their charge in slow motion. With a flick of my eyes I saw each weakness in turn: one is slower, another has a weak right knee, next a sprained ankle, fourth tender unguarded stomach, fifth an almost out of joint shoulder, then the sixth was to anxious to focus, and finally #7 drenched with fear.
Leaping straight up at the least possible second, they all collided and fell into a heap. Before they could get up, I grabbed each in turn and manipulated their weaknesses, and threw them into a pile against the wall. A hand got a fistful of my shirt from behind, and next thing I know I’m flying. Tinted bullet proof glass cracks under me as I crash into one of the Hummers blocking the exits. Standing on the hood I find my attacker. It was the thug that had been waiting patiently with the syringe.
Stepping off the hood I walk slowly toward him, my face threating his very life. His eyes reflect glassy fear, and he knew he was about to face the storm that darkened my face. Quick as a snake my hand shot out and caught his throat. The gunmen lining the alley’s windows must be waiting for a signal to fire. My thumb moved over his jawline, pushing the bristles of hair the opposite direction; he somehow understood what I was threatening. Opening his mouth to make an excuse, I shove him against the wall.
“Did I ask you a question?” I growled with the rumble of the thunder. “No, I didn’t. Now,” my voice softening, “answer this one: are you working for Kit?”
“Uhhh,” the thug’s voice shook. “No.”
“Then who?” My voice a hissing threat, showing the storm of rage that was just waiting to spill over.
“Um, Khristopher Karason.” I gave a low deep chuckle, enough to make the man flinch.
“I guess we all changed a bit over the years. So what?” I yank the man off the wall by my hold on his throat, and slam him to the ground. “He didn’t want to greet his old buddy, old pall? Oh well, I wasn’t too happy to find him here either.”
“Mr. Karason knew we wouldn’t catch you. He also knew you would come down the alley if you saw us.”
“Well,” I say, grinning darkly with a growling chuckle, “tell him that time has changed things and I’m not who I once was.” Looking at the gunmen, I smile, and tun back to my captive. “Say it.”
“Say, it.”
“Time has-”
“No! Tell them to shoot.” Picking up the syringe, I feed the liquid into the man. “Say it,” I hiss.
“Now,” the man said, his conscious fleeting.
Gunfire filled the alley, tranquilizers filling the area I once was. Back flipping, then running at speeds unmatched by any human, gunfire chased me. Left foot, I stomp the hood into the engine of the second Hummer. Right foot, my heel slams into the windshield, shattering it into the driver and passenger. Left foot, my foot slams into the roof of the Hummer, denting it; using the momentum I push up and turn in midair. Catching a windowsill, I keep up my momentum by swinging myself onto the sill. Then, back flipping onto the sill behind it as I build for my leap. Landing, I crouch, coiled like a spring, and then launching up like a rocket.
I grab the ledge of the roof and flip myself over it, landing on gravely concrete. Then I’m gone, dashing through the city by rooftop, ally, or any means possible. As I arrive at the abandoned half built suburb, I think: after all these years I still haven’t lost my love of the sweet victorious taste of freedom.

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MidnightFire said...
Dec. 1, 2012 at 4:46 pm
This is followed by Kerosene.
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