Sequel To Thank You Ma'am By Langston Hughes Help Me Ma’am!

January 26, 2012
By Krembert BRONZE, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
Krembert BRONZE, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
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The dull room was very serene. The room was pitch dark like the color black. The season was summer. So the heat was unbearable to endure for long periods of time. There was no electricity, air conditioning, food or water. Roger had been sitting on his lumpy old couch for days. Sometimes-even weeks. Alone. The word alone was always constantly laughing in Rogers’s head like a tape recorder. Going on and on and on again until you would explode. He knew only one time he really did not feel that feeling of happiness. It was 2 months ago. He attempted to steal a woman’s purse. What was her name? Oh yeah, it was Luella Bates Washington Jones. Well anyway, when he met Mrs. Jones, he felt...this unknown spark of something in him. He first thought that he was hungry. But then he knew what it was. It was the little spark of happiness. He felt strange. It was exactly like when the grinch never stole anybodies Christmas again. Alone. The word came back into his head. For the first time since his parents passed away, he actually felt happy. Since then, he had felt the feeling of being alone for a long time. He never felt so alone right now.

The next sound that had entered the house was it was...BAM!!!!!!

“Roger Simmons, we are from Child Protection Program. To our indications, you don’t have any parents currently alive. So you will have to come with us.

“No”, Roger yelled to them.

“If you don’t come with us, you will be forced to leave the resident by the local police, and be forced to ride in a police car to our headquarters. Do you really want to go to that option? Roger you seem like a good person. So please don’t make us do that.

“Ok”, Roger proclaimed.

He did not want to be forced out of the house. So he decided to just leave. he was escorted by the local police to the CPP car, and was taken to the CPP headquarters.

“I’m I going to live here?”

I am so sorry, but yes. You will be living here until you are 21. Then when you do turn 21, you will have to find a job, and then we look at the type of job you have and then you can leave at that point. So please, make yourself comfortable.”

“Ok, Roger grimly said.”

Roger was escorted into his room. When the employee left, he headed into his room. The bedroom looked... nasty. The toilet looked dingy as ever, the sink was unacceptable to Rogers’s standards, the only decent thing in the room was the clean sheet. He noticed the bunk beds.

“Wait, why is there bunk beds?”

“You will have a roommate.”


“So you can have some one to talk to when you are sad, or when you are worried about something. Really they are there for comfort when you may need a friend to talk to.

“Ok, you can go now thank you!”

He took the CPP headquarters as if it was prison, he did not want to

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