Raining Instinct

January 18, 2012
By Anonymous

I looked at the window, which was drenched in rain. Then I put my attention on the side-view mirror noticing a dark figure that was at least hundred yards away.

“Hey Roy, do you see that thing approaching the car?” I asked.

“What thing, Josh?” He wondered, while looking at the rear-view mirror.

We both took our attention off the mirrors, and turned to look out the back window. The figure now at least five cars behind us. The figure came up on the fifth car and I’m pretty sure I saw him touch it. But the next thing that happened I didn’t expect. The car was tossed landing on top of the car next to

“What the he**?” I began, I turned to the Roy, “Yo I think I know what that thing is…if I’m right we got to go.”

“You think it’s after that?” Roy asked while putting on his jacket.

“I believe so, no let’s get the he** out of here.” I answered.

We got out of the car, grabbing our backpacks. I saw Roy grabbed his red dragon clip as I found my black fold-out knife and clipped it to my belt. As we ran from the car we heard another car to get flipped. I turned around to see that the figure began running.

“Roy, let’s book it.” I exclaimed.

We ran faster, but when I looked back the figure was still keeping up with us. I felt a chill run down my spine. I looked at the floor of the road and saw a shadow that was increasing in size. When I looked up to see a car that was dropping on top of me. I jumped out of way of the car, but when I rolled to my feet, I was grabbed and thrown by the figure. I landed on the roof of a car. In excruciating pain, I willed my body to roll off the roof.

“Josh! Move out of the way!” Roy yelled as I saw him running back, circling his hand. I turned to see the figure approaching me. It was at least eight feet tall, grotesque face, and it had horns on the side of its head, and a tail that had a stinger as of a scorpion. But before it could fully get to me a blue-flame fireball nailed it in its chest pushing it back.

“Let’s go.” Roy grabbing me off the front of the car.

I got to my feet and began running, but shortly after we got a good distance from the beast, I started to be driven to stand my ground. It may have been crazy, but I followed those instincts. I turned around to face the hideous monster rushing towards us. I pulled out my fold-out knife. I felt everything slow down, my heart started to pump more calmly, and I began to feel a tingling sensation rushing throughout my body. When the sensation reached my hand that was holding the knife, instinctively I pressed the button that folded the blade out. The knife’s handle started to become more cylinder, as the blade started growing longer until it became a roman spatha with a meter long blade, and a hand and a half handle. When the sword finished the black blade with a red fade caught the attention of the beast. It actually looked like it was quivering, while charging me. I told the air to bring in a mist, and the air started getting denser and cloudier.

I heard a screeching roar from the monster, and instantaneous I knew where it was at.

“Roy, I’m going for that monster, okay.” I began.” I need you to back me up.”

I guess he was a head of the game. For when I turned around I saw his dragon clip already in process of becoming his long sword with a red blade.

“I always got your back, bro.” Roy assured.

I turned to face the fog and saw the silhouette of the monster, and I charged. If it wasn’t for my reflexes my head would’ve been taken off by the creature’s clothesline. As I slid underneath the clothesline, I slashed at its bicep. When I got to my feet, and ran for its back while the monster screamed in pain.

But when I came to slash for the back, I was caught off guard by its elbow to my chest. The hit sent me back into a car’s door. The monster walked up while I was still dazed. It’s voice sounded dark and ominous.

“Son of Ragnvald, are you ready to die?” The monster spoke.

Instantly I felt a surge of electricity course through my body, until it reached my hand and I let it gather. The monster looked at me and backed away. I stood up and looked at the beast, as it backed away again. I charged the beast, ducking and blocking all of its swings.

“How about you deliver a message to your father, Taurus!” I rushed forward putting my hand on Taurus’s chest, “If you want the throne. Come fight me yourself!”

Releasing the energy, I shot a stream of electricity through Taurus’s body. The beast fell back, dead. I looked down to see the body dissolving into a puddle of golden liquid.

“So…I guess we got to go to your dad now…uh.” Roy questioned, as he came up onto the scene.

“Yep…but now we have bigger problems if that monster was sent by the king.” I replied.

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