Know My Strength or Feel My Wrath

January 20, 2012
He stared at the cuffs that chained him to the table. They wouldn't hold him, he wondered if his captors knew that. They probably didn't, and he smiled to himself at their ignorance. Oh well, he'd be gone soon anyway, teaching them of who they were dealing with. ‘Know my strength’, he thought with a smile, ‘or feel my wrath’; that’s how it always worked. The two men were conversing at the door; Jack gave a testing pull with his right wrist. Then another, then another and the metal table leg groaned as his strength tried to pull it from its floor welding.
"Hey!" The leader man said.
Jack kept pulling, curious at what would happen, would they try to Taser him or would the table break first. "Stop that!" The man hit him upside the head; Jack looked up, one eyebrow raised. A question hung in the air, unspoken: ‘Do you really want to go there?’ The man gave him a nervous look, Jack gave a toothy smile, ‘and you’ve just broke rule number 1, buddy: never show fear’. The guard went back to the other man.
“Good luck,” the 1st said, “this kid’s a handful … and freaky one at that.” As the 1st guard left he threw a glance back over his shoulder, Jack gave him an evil little grin.
Guard 2 sat in the chair in the corner, watching. Jack cocked his head at him, narrowed eyes and a devious scheming grin pulled at one side of his mouth. He pulled the cuff again. The table shrieked again, he pulled his legs up and put them on the table’s edge. Then he pushed with is feet and pulled the cuffs. The metal legs bent into a crumpling position, letting out an unearthly sound. Suddenly his body was being pumped full of electricity that seared through his nerves making them limp. The guard then stood back and watched as Jack dropped to the floor, unable to get control of his muscles for a second.
‘Why didn’t he scream, yell, or make some sort of noise?’ The guard wondered. Jack then sat up, rubbing the back of his head with his right hand. The two then stared at the freed hand, half the cuff still there around his wrist, but the chain attaching it to the cuff on the table had snapped off. Sweating the guard leapt for the door with a yelp of fear, hand going for his walkie-talkie. Jumping feet first over the table, Jack kicked the guard into the wall on the other side of the small room before being yanked back by the still cuffed hand. Stunned the guard lay still for a second, using that second Jack gave a quick sharp yank and broke that already creaking link. One punch lay between him and escape; then a building, yard, and wall between him and the world.
‘Don’t worry Jess; I’m coming to save you.’

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Wsucoug said...
Jan. 25, 2012 at 8:10 pm
I really like the description of when he was breaking the chain off! One suggestion though: As it is the title of the story, I think that you should somehow have the character say "know my strength or feel my wrath" sometime later in the story, possibly right after he breaks the chain. Just an idea, it might be a little more dramatic. Do you think you could leave some feedback for my story, the poison of money? Thanks!
MidnightFire replied...
Jan. 26, 2012 at 7:37 pm
Thanks :) I might add that in if I continue the story ... and sure I'll check out your story, but I might not get to it right away :)
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