the play

January 12, 2012
By Anonymous

The gunfire ceased. Then air became clear again. Alan was focused on the life-drenched face of his brother. Anger began to raise more and more in his body. He couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that he put a bullet in the back of his brother’s neck. Vengeance began to set in. the constant sound of feet crept closer and closer; Alan disappeared in the night, remaining unnoticed. He had some business to attend to.

Alan returned to the abandoned, Nike warehouse. Eager to see his boss to figure out what really happened, and why. He went down the iron stairs to undisclosed level of the building. His boss just poured a mug of coffee and was heading back to his office.
“Mr. Sipes.” Alan said in a serious, stern voice.
“Alan, I take it that you’ve had another success?”
“Out of all the people in this firm, I had to be the one you assigned for this mission?”
“What are you talking about Alan?”
“You know exactly what I’m talking about. You hired me to kill my own brother.”
“You were not authorized to observe your opponent from such a close range. Do you know how easily you could’ve been caught? I could have you terminated for that.”

“Don’t turn this on me, Sipes; you didn’t expect me to recognize my own brother?”
“Alan, when the government needs us to take care of a problem, we are who they call. Do you know why? Because we get the job done and we’re the best. I put you on this mission because I thought you would be the one to take care of this mission without the slightest doubt. I put you on this case because you are the best. I didn’t know you would be affected by this.”
“Correction, I WAS the best, I resigned.” Alan said, while drawing the 9mm he had hid behind his back. He aimed it right between Sipes’ eyes, clutching the gun, preparing to pull the trigger.
“Go ahead, shoot me, but know this: you know way too much to resign, which means every protection force will be in every footstep you take until they finally put a bullet in your head, and if you kill me, that will give them the exceeded amount of motivation they need to take everything you ever loved, out of your life, and then they’ll kill you. You lack to realize that I am the key to this whole operation.”
Alan lowered his gun, “No matter what, Mr. Sipes, no matter how long it takes, I WILL kill you.” After stating that, Alan left and disappeared in America’s society.
Years passed. Alan’s anger ceased to decrease. He laid low, planning the revenge he had yearned for Sipes and the organization that he used to stand for.
There were times when he would come upon a member of Sipes crew, (the crew that basically made him kill his own brother) and he would take a little bit of anger out on those members but leaving enough for the day to come when he met up with Sipes.
After the numbers of Sipes once well known crew started to decrease people began to get suspicious, nobody ever knew who was taking them out one by one, but Sipes himself had an idea of who this man might be.
More and more of the men where disappearing, weeks went by and the crew was completely gone. All that was left was Sipes and his body guard. Feeling that taking him out soon and very quickly had never gone through Alan’s mind, for he wanted to make him experience the pain Alan went through when he saw that he had just shot his own brother. Alan was going to kill him nice and slow, very painfully.
Months went by and Alan had been watching his once so called boss, watching his every move, learning his schedule. Alan caught on very swiftly, his plan of revenge was up coming and he was ready.
Knowing that Sipes would be on the move early the next morning Alan had a plan to catch him when he was getting into his vehicle.
Walking down the sidewalk realizing that in twenty-five minutes the old disrespectful and ungrateful coward would be in an alley way right beside a dumpster, with his bodyguard holding a pistol standing 2 foot away from him making sure nothing bad would happen, while Sipes smokes a cigar.
Alan walked fairly quickly down to the alley were he would make his appearance to kill Sipes. Looking down at his watch Alan noticed that at this point Sipes and his body guard would be driving up to that very spot to smoke the same brand of cigar he had been smoking the day Alan put a bullet in his brothers neck.
With Sipes and his guard in Alan’s sights, he raised a sniper rifle from his long black suit that hung to the ground; propped it on the ledge of the building he was on, he put the sights on the guards head, took a few deep breaths to control his breathing and to steady his aim, he was perfect now, Alan pulled out his phone and called the old timer Sipes. As Sipes picked up the phone, “hello”
“Well, haven’t heard from you in a while” Alan said
“Yes, since the day your brother died. That was a very sad day.” Sipes replied
“Oh stop, you know you didn’t care that I shot my own brother, your ridicules.”
“Well Alan I was doing my job, you weren’t supposed to know it was him.”
“Well I did, and It sucked, and your men? Hah, piece of cake, they were wimps.”
“Yea, I guess ill hire better ones,” Sipes insists.
“Oh and your body guard, it’s a shame you had to him die. He wasn’t bad at all.”
Bang, Alan pulled the trigger to his sniper rifle, and the guard dropped to the ground with blood from his head running down the road in a stream.
“Where are you at Alan? That wasn’t necessary.” Sipes said.
“Oh, you’ll find out very quickly.” Alan replied back in a serious tone voice.
It was only a matter of time before Alan would be looking straight at Sipes. As Alan walked down the alley way where Sipes was standing, he lowered his sniper to his side and brought out his pistol. The same pistol he was holding in his hands the day he threatened to kill Sipes the first time, Alan walked toured Sipes, knowing that he wasn’t going to run because Sipes wasn’t that kind of man.
“I knew you would find me” Sipes said. “I have been waiting for the day you would try to kill me again”
“Yeah, me too I’ve waited years for this very moment right here. Sat up nights thinking of what I would do to you.” Alan replied.
“My men, they disappeared very quickly! I didn’t think you would take out my whole team just to figure out where I was and what I was doing.” Sipes murmured.
“Whatever it took, I was willing to do anything just to make it that this day would come and what do you know, here we both are staring each other in the eyes neither one of us going to give up. I hope you know you put me through a lot when I figured out I shot my own brother, and the men that surrounded me when I pointed this pistol here at you for the first time, yeah I wanted to kill you and them dead in yawl’s tracks to where none of this would ever happen again to anyone. Nobody needs this, you’re worthless.” Screamed Alan
“Well, Alan what can I say? I do my job and do it to the best of my ability! Yea I’ve made mistakes, we all have but.”
“BUT NOTHING”, Alan interrupted. “You and your retarded ass team took me out of retirement and placed me into this position to kill someone which I had no idea who it was at the time. I ought to put a bullet in your head right here right now.”
“You won’t, you’re not going to.” Sipes chuckled “I told you the first time, people will find you the way you found me. They won’t care what you have you say; they’ll kill you straight up no questions asked, sorry but once again you lose.”
“Is that so? Alan replied. What people? The people that surrounded me last time, the ones that you think are going to track me down and kill my family and friends? Don’t you remember Sipes, I killed them! All of them, you’re the last asshole alive from that team. So no, you lose.”
“Well if there is one thing I can say I’d like to say it?” Sipes asked.
“But I…”
“Bang” the sound of the pistol discharging and a bullet entering the chest of Sipes and exiting his back, he dropped to his knees with blood and guts oozing from the bullet holes.
“I told you the day you made me kill my brother! I would find you and kill you.” Alan said.
“Alan, I knew this would happen, I thought I could escape you but no, you’re quite good at this game.”Sipes murmured while spitting up blood.
“GAME? This isn’t a game.”Alan said.
“Bang” a shot to the forehead ended that discussion. Alan bent down closer to the body and said in a very gruesome angry voice.

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