Babaria-Chapter 4

January 11, 2012
By SamK15 SILVER, Gresham, Oregon
SamK15 SILVER, Gresham, Oregon
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James stayed upstairs for hours, reminiscing to himself, when he heard something break downstairs. There was some shouting, and he heard the sound of steel clashing against steel. James ran to the door, but didn’t open it; he just stood in front of it, listening to what sounded like a fight coming from downstairs. The sounds lasted for several minutes, and then it was silent. James heard laughter, and then a familiar voice say, “I apologize, Walter, for how this must end. Be assured that it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.”
The voice that James heard belonged to Albert Redwood, who had been a friend of the Meyers’ before James had even been born. James burst through the door, and flew downstairs to find his father lying on the floor. His face was bruised, and there was blood on his hands. Walter stammered, “J … James, m-m-my boy.” James came closer to his father, fighting with all his might to hold back tears. “J-James, go into m-my office. In th-there you’ll find m-my uniform. I-I’m sure you know w-what t-to d-d-do with it.” James nodded, and then his father’s eyes shut and Walter Meyer breathed his last.
James laid his father onto the carpeted floor, and marched straight to his office to find the uniform that his father spoke of. Inside Walter’s office, James found his father’s old uniform from when he was in the Babarian guard. The uniform was outfitted with all kinds of weapons that James had never seen anywhere else. He put the uniform on, and he felt an inner strength rise within him as he pulled each arm through the sleeves. James grabbed his father’s waistcoat and put it on over the uniform to hide his identity from anyone who would otherwise recognize him. Once he was suited up, James climbed out the window of his father’s office and went out into the streets.
While out in the streets, James had a chance to examine the weapons that came with his father’s uniform. There was a blade the came out of each of his boots, small knives tucked into pockets all along the belt loop, and a larger knife sheathed on the back. James knew that he would need these weapons in order to kill Albert Redwood and avenge his father’s death. He wandered the streets for almost an hour before he spotted Albert, who was standing outside the courthouse, talking to Shamus Franklin and another man that James did not recognize. James made a bee-line to the three men, intent on killing Albert and Shamus, and possibly the third man if he got a chance.
James got in closer to them and he saw the Shamus noticed him coming and grew suspicious, but James didn’t care. He only cared that, by the end of the day, Albert and Shamus lay dead on the streets of Babaria in a puddle of their blood and sins. James had gotten ten feet from Albert and Shamus when all three men turned to him, and, once he reached just a few feet from his target, James grabbed a knife from his belt and stabbed it into Albert’s chest. Shamus and the other man were able to react too quickly for James to attack them, and they fled. James took out his remaining frustration on Albert’s bloodied body, stabbing him several more times until there was blood splattered all over the ground.
“Die! Die! Die, you traitorous dog! Die!” James screamed at Albert’s bloodied corpse. He then dropped Albert’s body on the bloody road and ran away from the scene before the guards could catch him in the act. As the guards arrived with Shamus, James watched from behind a crowd of bystanders, smiling at his work as the guards interrogated some of the people nearby to find out who did it. No one was able to recognize James because he had his hood up, and his hatred towards Albert and Shamus had deepened his voice which made him unrecognizable in every way. The guards began to get closer to James, and he quickly left the area before they could reach him. There was only one place he could go to that would be safe for him at the time.

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