January 9, 2012
By Readman BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
Readman BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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"We are under a tornado warning in Oklahoma." "Be prepared to see a roaring tornado fly right past your eyes." This is what the announcer said on the radio. The radio announcer said the tornado was huge, about 2 miles in diameter. Unfortunately the tornado was heading right towards us, demolishing anything and everything in its path. How did this happen? At the beginning of the day there was not a cloud in sight. The skies were blue, the sun hitting with all of its force. It was sort of hot, but that didn't matter, it was a nice day to go outside. Something rare here. But towards the evening that is when the chaos struck loose. And no a tornado was heading our way.

"We have to get in the basement." I said

"Come on!" I shouted

The tornado was coming in two minutes the radio announcer said. We were all very frightened. The tornado had so much debris inside of it from already tearing down things. It had damaged parts of houses, mobile homes, cars, trucks, wood, and unfortunately people. Everything was inside that monster. The sirens rang form a truck that was in a hurry. Probably in a hurry to actually get out of the tornado and hide too. So we all went into the cluttered basement. We were all pretty much prepared since we were in Oklahoma in the summer time. Which is when tornado are most likely to pop out. But I never imagined one as big as this. We had water, food, snacks, and anything else we needed to survive this. We pretty much knew we were going to lose everything for this tornado.

The tornado past. "Roar, Roar! Cling Clang!

That was the terrible sound that came out of the tornado that passed by.

"Ahh" My brother was screaming.

"We are going to die"

"No we are not" I said even though I was pretty scared myself for our lives.

I was right. The tornado after passing us and a couple of other houses in the neighborhood disappeared. The nightmare was over. The only good thing I would say is the tornado passed quickly over everything, instead of just lingering around. So no more houses could be destroyed. The bad part is it passed over us and major roads, and other houses too. Well here was the moment of truth. We were about to get out of the basement and inspect the damage done. I closed my eyes and then opened them.

“Everything was gone" I said

“We lost everything, our entire house is destroyed”

In fact the whole neighborhood is gone. It looks like if a bomb just went off. I thought there would at least be something. But no everything was flat and nothing was there. Not even the debris form the tornado was there. At least in the neighborhood. It looked like a ghost town. We had to restart everything. My mom was crying. Everything was ruined for us. Just because of one thing that really should have never happened. But Mother Nature is unpredictable like that. So in the morning it could be the best day ever and later on it could be a nightmare. I guess you never know what to expect from Mother Nature.

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