The Blueberry Experience

December 14, 2011
By , Merritt Island, FL
Just resting on my desk was an orange clay bowl that i molded earlier in the day. It was filled to the brim with blueberries. There was an upside down meniscus on the top of the bowl where some of the blueberries were over the brim. I slam my hands into the as some of them trickle out i lift my hands with a huge handful of them. My hands are starting to get a little cold from the frozen berries. I toss them into the air as i was instructed to do by my insane teacher. With the berries flying in the air i try to catch the most i can, i failed terribly i only caught 11. As the rest of the handful make a “plop” on the hard tile floor. I take my half frozen hands and dive them back into the sea of blue and grasp another handful. The crazy lady then instructed me to smash them on my forehead. I was a little confused but i figured my teacher knew something so i did it. I splat them on my forehead and look around and out of the 24 kids in class only 6 of us crushed the blueberries on our head. As the juices flow down our faces she told us she wanted to see how many of us would do as we were instructed no matter how crazy. Looks like i was one of these kids.

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