Crime fighting team Ryan and Tom

December 13, 2011
By snowploom BRONZE, Broomfield, Colorado
snowploom BRONZE, Broomfield, Colorado
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Ryan and Tom are two adolescences who protect the streets from hobos. Hobo is code name for homeless organization to buy opium. These despicable people pretend to be homeless. People feel pity for them, but really they are illegal opium dealers. Dozens of them surround the Denver area, all linked in the trade network. As a kid you ask your mother or father why there are so many homeless people and they say it’s because they don’t have a job, but the truth is, large profits can be made in this business and the police don’t expect a homeless person to be capable of such evil. Being homeless is the perfect disguise, but it doesn’t fool Ryan and Tom. They know the evil power that lurks in the drug of opium, so they have sworn their life to one goal. Protect the citizens and keep the streets clean.

It was a typical night in downtown Denver. The tall, steel, skyscrapers blocked any chance of moonlight in the city. The only source of light was a few street lights scattered around the road. It was a frigid night, with a slight gust of wind that barreled through the maze like structure of the buildings, creating a ghost like whine. On occasion the full moon could be seen as a reflection off one of the various windows on the skyscrapers. It was past midnight so just about everyone was inside. With the streets just about empty, the hobos business could thrive. At night the hobos no longer had to wear their disguise. They could get up and begin selling the opium they stored in there jacket pockets and sleeping bags during the day. The costumers they sell to have been informed about the operation and come out at night to meet them. This is truly a sick and twisted process.
The only people who can stop the hobos are Ryan and Tom. Ryan and Tom are both 16 years old and about six feet tall. Ryan is a lean man with brown hair and brown eyes. His hair isn’t short, but it isn’t long. On his face is a nicely trimmed goatee that he strokes every time he thinks of a plan. Ryan is a very logical man, and is the leader of the two. Tom is easily distinguished from Ryan, with his freckled body and red hair. Strangely though, his eyebrows are brown. Tom’s look is deceptive. From the outside he would appear as a foolish clumsy person and most of the time he is, but sometimes his traits of anger and guts make him an unstoppable force.
Ryan and Tom are known for their hobo capturing skills around Denver. Every hobo in town knows their faces. If even the word spreads of the two being near, a hobo will leave his location. When the two sight a hobo they try and sneak up on him and take him by surprise. If successful, they can handcuff the hobo and ship him to where they send all hobos, the triangle island in the middle of the Pacific. Here the hobos can never sell opium to anyone again.
Ryan and Tom were on the streets looking for hobos. If they can manage to get another hobo off of the streets tonight, their night will be a success. For some reason the streets were empty. Thinking of where hobos could be tom came up with the idea to search the allies. He was sure there would be a hobo selling opium there. Ryan and Tom made their way to the nearest alley. The alley was incredibly dark, almost pitch black. It was formed by two massive buildings that must have been more than 300 feet long. The buildings were so tall that you couldn’t make out the top. As the two approached the alley they stopped. They stood there listening for anything back there. Minutes past and nothing, but silence.
Then Tom said, “Ryan there is no one back there let’s go.”
“Wait,” said Ryan. “You hear that?”

A small sound could be heard in the alley much like the sound of a mouse scavenging through the pantry in a house.
Tom asked, “Do you think it could be a hobo?”
“It could be, let’s go check it out,” replied Ryan. “Be careful we don’t want to scare him away.”

The two slowly entered the alley. If they made any sudden movements they might alert the possible hobo that they are approaching. If this hobo got away, they might not find another one again tonight. Each second that passed felt like a minute. If it was a hobo they didn’t know if he would be armed or not. Ryan and Tom could be walking into a trap for all they knew. They got closer and closer until Ryan was able to make out what appeared to be a foot. They couldn’t chance the thought that this might just be a person; they had to act like the foot belonged to a hobo.

Ryan quickly started developing a plan. He knew that they would only get one chance at this and if they failed they could die. You see opium is a big business and the hobos need to be able to protect their money and themselves, so they carry a gun at all times. If the hobo spots Ryan and Tom he will shoot at them. Ryan and Tom choose not to carry a weapon for personal reasons, so their tactics are sneak attacks. They try to get to the enemy first before he has a chance to move and demobilize him. If their attack fails there is a great risk that they could die. Luckily, Ryan and Tom’s tactics have never failed. Ryan saw an advantage. Whoever had the higher ground had the advantage. Facing down the alley on the right side of Tom was a thick metal water pipe. The water pipe led up the building to a small ledge that seemed to extend right over where the person was sitting. It was barley big enough to stand on, but if Tom could climb up there he could find out if the person was a hobo.

After Ryan informed Tom of his idea, they decided Tom was the better climber out of the two and that he should climb the pipe. Tom quietly made his way over to the pipe. The pipe was constructed of about five two foot long pieces of steel pipe each about 3 inches in diameter. Each piece was connected by an outer ring that contained five bolts. The outer ring was just big enough to act as a grip when climbing it. Tom proceeded towards the pipe and placed his hands on it. He began to pull himself up, but he was struggling. The cold pipe stuck to his hand like glue. Every time he would remove a hand from the pipe it felt like his skin was being torn off. On top of that, the cold pipe was weakening his grasp and at any moment he could fall and injure himself. If his feet weren’t there to support him he could not climb the pipe. Tediously he reached the top. Tom got up and sat on the ledge. He crunched over rubbing and blowing on his hands to get the blood flowing again. Once he was satisfied, he got up and began to shuffle across the ledge.

Then Ryan whispered, “Hey Tom, wave your cell phone light at me if there is a hobo. Ok?”

Tom replied, “Ok sure.”

As Tom got closer and closer he was able to see what looked like a sleeping bag. He was sure it was a hobo, but he still wanted more proof. He kept shuffling along the ledge until he got to the end. Out of the right corner of his eye he noticed a bag. Tom looked more carefully at it and realized it was opium. Now he was confident it was a hobo. Tom was pulling out his cell phone to signal Ryan when he noticed the hobo was right below him. The hobo was eating a sandwich, completely unaware of the presence of Ryan and Tom. Tom hesitantly pulled out his cell phone and texted Ryan.

“There is a hobo right below me!” sent Tom.

“Stand still, he cannot notice you. You understand?” replied Ryan.

“Ok what should we do then?”

Ryan always had a plan.

“Ok I know this sounds crazy, but jump off the ledge onto the hobo. It will catch him off guard and I will run in and handcuff him,” sent Ryan.

“It is insane, but I like your thinking Ryan,” replied Tom.

With that Tom leaped off the ledge onto the hobo. The ledge was only ten feet tall, but it was enough to take out the hobo. Ryan went sprinting in with his handcuffs in hand. When he arrived the hobo hadn’t even gotten up. Tom kicked away the hobo’s shotgun, which had been lying next to him, and Ryan handcuffed him. They picked him up and began to walk with him towards the end of the alley. The hobo didn’t say a word; he just walked compliantly and listened to Ryan and Tom’s instructions. The hobo was still stunned by what happened to him. Ryan and Tom had had another successful day of crime fighting. They gathered all the opium and threw it in the garbage, as well as all the rest of the hobo’s stuff.

Then Ryan said, “Good job partner, another one off the streets. Let’s go ship him off to the triangle island.”

The two friends grinned at each other, satisfied with a job well done. Ryan and Tom made their way to the other side of the alley. It was a huge relief to see light again. Their plans were to get rid of the hobo and go home and play some video games. As they reached the end of the alley, they saw what appeared to be two shadows of people. As they exited the alley they were surrounded. Three of the hobo’s friends were in front of Ryan and Tom pointing AK-47’s at them.
To be continued…..

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