November 30, 2011
By Anonymous

The year is 1944; it’s a cold day in Germany, near Auschwitz during World War II. Bullets are flying everywhere, and a sniper is heard off in the distance. With every move I make, I encounter more fire, but the rounds miss me every time. I lift up quickly and fire a few rounds from my M1 Garand. Now my ears are ringing constantly, because the five shots I made. My next objective is to take out the German machine gunner, so I listen and wait. I now hear the machine gunner stop shooting and reload. This is a very hard to overcome because of all of the other shots taking place.

Flying through the air, I jump into the nearest foxhole to try better shot at the machine gunner. Over all of the fire, I hear a soft yell, “MEDIC!” I sharply turn around. I see where the voice is coming from. It is Abraham! He’s been shot. He is our only radio man here to call for the air strike that is much needed. I think hard and deep. My platoon really needs me here to step it up! I look and realize it is around a 50-yard run to his fox hole. My platoon really needs me there. I stop and listen for the machine gunner to reload. POP-POP-POP-POP-PING! I take off right away with a fast start, just like Jesse Owens would do. Oh no! My glasses have fallen off. I can hardly see without them! My team really needs me, so there is no time for running. While running, the bullets are flying in front of me and behind me. Luckily they’re not hitting me. Ten more yards until I get there! In my best interest, I take a huge dive, flying through the air like a bald eagle in flight.

Now I am in Abraham’s foxhole. I turn Abraham face up, and I see he has been shot in the chest. I stop instantly. I’m in awe on how he bad he looks. I know that he is already gone. Suddenly, I feel violent shaking, I quickly whip my head around. It is John, the platoon Sergeant.

“Snap out of it Scot!”

“Ugh,Ugh, O.K.” I reply.
I quickly grab the radio and call back to the main base. I tell them my exact coordinates quickly and accurately, knowing we don’t have much time. “Look out!” screamed John.
In one fast, quick motion, John doove. While throwing a grenade out of the foxhole, which I was in!
“Thanks, John. You saved my life!” Scot yelled.

“Next time that grenade will take your life. You should consider this a warning.” said John.
“The planes are on their way!” Even in my loudest scream, only the men next to me could hear the good information, about the air strike. The air strike will be a huge surprise for our men, but I know they will stay strong. After all of the training we have gone through.

Five grueling minutes has passed, and we still are taking heavy fire. Off in the distance, I can hear the planes approaching closer and closer. They are sounding like a buzzing bumblebee, in my ear. My mind is saying, “Don’t worry, this will be over in a couple minutes.” I keep my head up and act like a real solider. I fight my hardest and never give up. I know I have to take out that machine gunner because, he is giving us the main fire that is keeping us bunkered down. I wait for his ammunition to run out and to jump to the next bunker, like before.

“Countering fire!” screams John.
I jump to the nearest foxhole and duck down. I slow my breathing; I know have the perfect shot. I pull swiftly, pulling my M1 Garand tight in to my shoulder. Looking down my barrel, I aim right at the white Germans head. I set a count down before I pull the trigger, 3…2….. Kaboom! It is the air strike that we have been waiting for! I don’t realize how close it is! The platoon members look around in amazement like a guardian angel granted the greatest wish. The platoon members jump up in excitement! I squint in my best attempt to see the disaster.
“We need to clear the bunkers! It’s not over yet. Stay cautious! We will go by two’s. Scot and Bill you will lead the way! Scot you plan on checking to the left, and Bill you look to the right. I will fallow behind and check through the bared wind. O.K? Okay. Let’s go and get this over with. What do ya say?”
“I’ll lead the way Scot,” stated Bill
“Sounds good to me,” I reply

Bill leads the way and we start our last walk in combat. The only thing I can see is the back of Bills head. Thousands of things are going through my mind. I hope this will end over fast and easily, with no trouble at all. Bill and I are now approaching the shot up concrete slab that the German machine gunner was mounted in. The concrete is shot up and chipped. It looks like a giant target that was shot at for hours.
“Shhh! be quite ill open the door and rush into my side okay?” stated Bill
“Okay,” I say back to Bill.
“3..2..1!” Bill counts.

Bill slams the door open and screams “Clear!”
I see one German that appears to be dead. He looks all shot up and bloody. Like someone already shot him.” One dead!” I yell.
I turn around with excitement, knowing that I am going to leave this awful place. Now I can go home and see my wife and kids. All that is left is the boat ride back to America, the land of the Free!
“LOOK OUT! HE ISNT DIEAD!!!!” screamed John, looking through the bared window.
I turn around fast while squinting at the man’s hand, I realize what it is. I a run away but, I am froze, I can’t move!

All I can see is red. I lift my head, and I realize I have no legs, my gut is blown apart. I can tell I am fading away now. John is now standing above me.
“You’ll be fine I promise you,” says John in a soft soothing voice.
“Just tell my wife and kids I love them!” in my last breath.

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