A Sale of Sorts

November 7, 2011
Having reluctantly agreed to meet them at eleven pm precisely, in this deserted part of town, I anxiously scanned every moving shadow. I was afraid I would miss them, afraid also that they would not turn up.
I was really hoping to get this business deal through. However, I was also wondering why they wanted to meet me down a dark alley at this ungodly hour. I mean, all I was selling them was a water-tracking product. In these days of recession, I did not have even a single customer and as a last stray ray of hope, I had grabbed this opportunity.
I found a clean, big stone in the dark alley and sat down, waiting for them. It was twelve pm and there was still absolutely no sign of them. The minutes ticked by, as I got colder and more afraid.
Finally, I heard the sound of a car engine, and as it grew louder, it dawned on me that they had finally arrived. A few seconds after this realization, a black, majestic limousine pulled up in front of me and out of it stepped two men in snazzy black Armani suit and shades. I wondered, ‘Why are these men wearing shades at this hour? Something is definitely strange about this whole scenario!’
They walked up to me, their boots clicking against the road, in unison. One of them stuck his hand out at me. I looked at him quizzically and finally realized that I had to shake it. “Bob,” he said, shaking my hand, “How do you do, man?”
“Good evening, Sir.” I said. “I am very pleased to meet you! Would you like to look at the purifier and seal the deal? “
The other man replied, “Yes certainly.” I hesitantly set my bag down on the ground and started to unzip it. I somehow didn’t like the way they smiled at me and then smirked at each other. It made me uncomfortable. I felt as if something was just not right.
Ssuddenlyy, a third man, who I hadn’t seen till now, possibly hidden in the limo, jumped out at me with a revolver in his hand. He pointed it at me, with a sinister grin on his face.
“W-h-aatt d-iii-d-I d-ooo s-iirr??” I asked, terrified. “Nothing,” he said, menacingly. “We just like you so much, that we want you with us, forever.”
“B-uu-tttt, S-ii-rrrr, I-i-I a-am just a humble s-salesman,” I stuttered.
“And a good one at that!” said Bob, clapping my shoulder with his gigantic palm. “We like you, and your purifier. But we don’t want to pay for either.”
“S-s-sir,” I whined, “I’ll give you a huge discount but I can’t give it to you free!”
“We feel your pain,” all three of them said, nodding at each other knowingly. “And we want to end your suffering, by…”
Then, the gunshot tore through the eerie night, giving a grand finale to what became my last evening…

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