Crazy night

January 5, 2012
By Anonymous

Driving down the road we see that the traffic light is flashing green and no one was on the road, so me and my friends decided to run the light just in my luck we get pulled over right as we pull through the light. As the cop comes up to the window my friend Nick puts the pedal the to floor and we take off, moments later we pick up Amber white who was on the phone with a drunk dipping redneck

so we said come with us and we will take you home. She gets in and we go to the store and get something to drink, amber goes oh I need to go home immediately chase can come with me so my friend nick dropped me and amber off at her house met her father, then we went mudding meanwhile Ashley was creeping under Ambers bed waiting for her to come home to scare her, but it was a failed attempt.
So Ashley sprinted to the truck my truck that I parked in Ambers yard a while back, so we are out in the forest a long ways back and suddenly Amber goes “uh oh” And Ashley says “what!?” then we stop driving I hadn’t been paying attention to the gas tank and we were on “E”.

so amber comes up with the idea to call her dad except we all don’t get service, so me and amber know some people out in the woods Ashley on the other hand is a stranger to the woods so she just fallowed me and amber. We come up to this house and amber says “this is my aunts house” so she knocks on the door moments later we get an answer but its not ambers aunt its her sister with Jamie which is an odd couple because ambers sister hates Jamie so we walk in and her sister asks us what were doing out here and we all say “mudding”.
Crystal, ambers sister came to me and said “ we have a truck out back do you need to borrow it to pull your truck to the house” I said “ please and thankyou. So me and amber hop in this 96’ Chevy with a 8 inch lift and 40’ tires on it were riding on the dirt road amber says “ I’m cold “ so I give her my jacket. We have arrived where my truck is we hook up the chain to the front of my truck and to the back of crystals truck . so amber stays in my truck and steers while I pull the truck. We safely get back to the house and we all stay the night with ambers sister.

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