The good life

January 5, 2012
By Anonymous

Chase Chillman picked Ashley Kang and I up from my house he met my dad and my dad gave him the ok to leave with us. We got halfway down the road and pulled up to a red light, no one was around so Chase decided to run it. just in our luck a cop came flying around the corner and pulled us over, Chase was calm but me and Ashley were scared out of our mind, But I didn’t show my fear.
He slowly walked up to the truck shining his flash light in the back looking at Ashley and checking out the truck as soon as he asked for license and registration Chase said “ok” and looked down at the glove compartment he looked up at me and gave me this look and I mumbled under my breathe “no” then he slammed on the gas and we took off.

The cop was hot on our trail but chase didn’t care and after a while I just sat back. Ashley was so scared she passed out in the back seat. Chase took us to dirt roads and we soon lost the cop in a cloud of smoke. We rode around town looking at all the street lights and building lights.

Ashley woke up and was so glad we got away from the cop. We dropped Ashley off at her house and chase and I went to the woods with some friends and went trail riding. After a while it started getting late so I told chase I wanted to go somewhere else. So chase took me back through the town and we went to Wal-Mart.
Chase hopped on one of the bikes and rode it through the store and I put on a spider man mask and took a fake gun and ran through the store screaming “Pew Pew” then we called friends to the store, Alana Kak and Justin Lobbs arrived and we played hide and go seek in the clothes. Soon after that we all hoped in the truck and rode through town again, Alana was scared because Chase doesn’t have a license. So I told him to bring us home and he did. Chase, Justin and Alana ended up staying the night.
The next morning I woke up the boys were passed out on the floor and we made a huge breakfast, it was like 12 O’clock by the time the boys decided to get up, everyone went home and I went back to sleep because I was exhausted.

The author's comments:
I love being with my friends, And enjoying night rides through the woods.

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