What Was That?

January 4, 2012
By xkarax1230 SILVER, Franklin, Massachusetts
xkarax1230 SILVER, Franklin, Massachusetts
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“Did you guys hear something?” I walked into the room wearing my favorite yoga pants and a tank top. It was Friday night and my friends, Claire, Sophie, and Mia were all at my house for a sleepover. It was a cold, stormy January night, the wind whistled outside, and we in my living room sitting on my big, leather couch watching television and drinking hot cocoa.

“The wind is really loud. Something probably fell outside,” said Mia.

“Yeah, I guess that’s probably what it is.” It makes sense that it was the wind, but the noise sounded like a door slammed and not something falling.

Sophie asked, “Did u guys hear? I guess on the news the other day someone escaped from the prison in the next town over. My mom told me this morning that they hadn’t found him yet.” I remember watching it on the news. The television had said BREAKING NEWS, one of the prisoners being held at Classic Break Prison, has escaped. Police from all towns nearby are searching. Make sure that all of your windows and doors remain locked until the prisoner is found.

“I remember hearing that story, too,” I said.

“So, were all alone in this house and Nikki heard a noise, what if it was the prisoner!” Claire exclaimed.
BANG! Another loud thud came from the basement. “What was that?” Claire asked.
“I told you that I heard something but you guys didn’t believe me,” I exclaimed. “Anyways, I don’t think that it could be the prisoner because all of the doors and windows are locked, so there would be no way that the prisoner could get in. If you really want, we can go down and check it out.”
“No, that’s okay. What if it really is the prisoner?” Claire worried.
I agreed with Claire but I was too nervous to say anything. I really didn’t want to go down there but I had to assure my friends that everything was okay and that nothing was there.
“C’mon, Claire, everything will be okay. Like Nikki said, all of the windows and doors are locked. I’m sure that it will be fine.”
I looked at Claire sitting there in her loose sweats, fumbling with her dark brown hair. She looked really nervous. She made me really nervous and I didn’t know what to do. I know that I locked all of the doors and windows and I made sure that my mom checked them too, so I’m sure that it’s okay.
“Okay, let’s go look,” I said, “My brother has some old baseball bats in the garage. I’ll go get them.”
I ran down the hall and into the garage. I ran by my dad’s sedan and over to where my dad kept all of his athletic gear. He had many bats because he is seventeen and he’s been playing baseball since he was five. I took the biggest bats I saw and ran back into the house, slamming the door behind me. My friends ran over to me and each grabbed a bat. I slowly walked over to the basement door and grabbed the doorknob. I looked up and looked at my friends. They all had the same worried expression on their faces. I looked back at the door, twisted the knob, and pulled it open. I slowly walked down the stairs with my friends so close behind that I could feel Mia’s breath on the back of my neck.
I reached the end of the stairs and looked around. Everything seemed okay and nothing was out of place. “Why don’t we split up and look around,” I whispered.
I went to the sofa in the corner of the room. I lifted my bat above my head and looked behind it. Nothing. I went back to the middle of the basement. I looked like my friends had the same result. Just then, we heard a bang.
“What was that?” Claire asked nervously.
“I heard it too. Maybe it was the cat,” I suggested.
“I don’t think so that sounded way too loud to be a cat. I’m starting to think we should have stayed upstairs,” Claire exclaimed.
Then Sophie asked with a shaken voice, “Hey Nikki is there a window in that storage room?”
I thought about it for a while. I remembered that last time I had been in there, there was light shining in from a window in the corner of the room. It was big enough for a body to fit through.
“Yes, there is a window,” I said. I was now terrified and didn’t know what to do.
“Let’s open the door!” Mia exclaimed.
I looked at her then back at Claire and Sophie. Both of them looked extremely nervous, but Mia looked the most excited and willing to know what was back there. I was really scared. What if it was the prisoner that escaped? What if he had a gun? I didn’t know what to. I thought about it and the best thing to do is face my fears. I clutched the door and slowly turned it. My friends held up their bats and I quickly opened the door. There was nothing there. All of a sudden a tall man with a scruffily beard and an orange jumper sprang out of the closet and screamed.
“Ahhh!” We screamed.
We started swinging our bats. After that, we started to run. He ran after us. As I was running up the stairs, I felt the prisoner grab my ankle and I screamed. I still had the bat in my hand and I whipped back hitting the prisoner in the back. He grabbed his back and let go of my ankle.
“Quick! Run to the bathroom!” I yelled.
We ran as fast as we could to the bathroom. I grabbed my cell phone off the counter and ran in. We locked and barricaded the door.
“I told you that we shouldn’t have gone down there!” Claire yelled starting to cry. I looked around and we were crying.
I looked at my phone. My hands were shaking as I pressed 9-1-1. I waited until someone picked up. “Hello? I live on 34 Winthrop Street. The prisoner that escaped from jail is in my house,” I told the police.
“No, there are no adults home. We are locked in a bathroom,” I explained.
The officers sent help right away. A few minutes after I hung up, I heard sirens in the distance. About a minute after I started hearing them, I heard a bang then a crash. The officers broke down the doors and were finding the prisoner. Just then, we heard a knock on the bathroom door. We opened it for and officer. He told us that everything would be fine. They captured the prisoner and he was already on his way back to jail. He also said that he called my parents and that they were on their way home.
My friends each called their parents. They told them everything that had happened and their parents came and picked them up. The officer that was talking to me and offered to stay until my parents came back. When my parents came back they were very worried and very glad that I was all right.

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