The End of the Beginning

January 5, 2012
By ShiroYume BRONZE, ??, District Of Columbia
ShiroYume BRONZE, ??, District Of Columbia
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Favorite Quote:
" Men do not cry for themselves, but for their comrades. "

The sound of a thousand swords clashing together. Never ceases. In battle the only thing you hear is your opponent and that is true, since all of your focus is aimed on your opponent. Your mind races to strike your opponent down and move onto the next one. Suddenly an enemy comes behind you and delivers a death blow. How gullible you are, to be killed when you are not even paying attention to your surroundings.
I watch from a hill, pitying those poor men for slashing each other for the dim-witted fool of a king. Endlessly striking and murdering on your king’s whim and that will soon end. For I will silence that Tyrant once and for all. For he is the one ordering for the slaying villages, the killing livestock, the burning homes, and forcing the people to leave and starve this coming winter. That, my friend, will have to end and soon.

A hooded figure runs toward the wall of Shinen. The figure jumps and scales the wall up and over, just missing the archers’ arrows. The figure lands silently as a shadow and creeps into a near-by building. Once inside the hooded figure hides behind a bale of hay and waits. A man comes and peers inside the building and steps in. That was the cue to immobilize the enemy. The hooded figure grabs the man’s arm and twists it around to break it, but stops at the man`s voice.
“Ok you got me! Now let go before you break my arm.”

The hooded figure says “Next time, try to be more quiet and maybe that won`t happen.” The hooded figure let go of the man`s arm.
“Now, now don`t be that way Klous. I was quiet until you got the jump on me. “
“Oh sure and I was having some tea with my grandmother, Cain,” Klous said. Cain doubles over laughing.
“Oh, get over it you blonde twit.”

“I can`t you are just way too funny.”
Klous pulls back his hood. Dark brown hair falls across his face. Hard stern hazel eyes darts outside where the battle rages on.
“We should get going soon before they notice.”
Cain looks at him in surprise. “Amazing, I can`t believe you can see out the window,”
“Oh shut up and, for a fact, I am not that short,” Klous shot back
“Don`t denied it. You will always be short.” Cain says. Cain is more on the strong side with a height advantage, but Klous is only a couple of inches shorter of Cain and, is more on the weak side.
“So what is the plan? So we just climb over the wall or we kill them all?” Cain said curiously.
“No, and no Cain. We will stay quiet until all the strong guards are gone out to help with the fight, and they will leave the smaller guards to defend the castle. So would you like to fight the strong ones or the weak ones?” Klous said calmly hiding his frustration within. Cain paused and thought for a moment.
“Must you think about the option? It is so oblivious.” Klous shouted quietly at Cain.
“Now, now don`t gets your britches in bunch and I`m going with your option, Klous. I hope you`re happy, ” Cain finally said.
Klous said exasperated. “Come and finally let us get this done and over with.”
“Right and maybe they won`t see us.” Cain murmured.
“Never forget who you are with Cain.” With that, Klous walks swiftly out through the door before Cain could say another word.

The author's comments:
This is a piece for my Creative Writing Class. It was an idea that popped in my head and would not go away. Do you guys have something like that?


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