Rise of the Sun- Part 1

January 6, 2012
By YoGabbaGabba SILVER, Arlington Heights, Illinois
YoGabbaGabba SILVER, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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10:20 A.M.: Eva’s make shift bedroom, located in the Risingsun headquarters.

March 31st, 3216
It is officially the 7th year and start of the 6th month under Enthroned rule. The people have been forced into hiding in many cities. Many more people will be forced to hide soon. Our army is gaining strength. We still do not have close to enough men, or technology, to rid the world of our horrid leaders. I am trying to make a deal with this nice boy over in the Enthroned. He is the sweetest. Plus he is 17 years old like me. His name is Vladimir. Oh how I wish he was on our side. He tells me that he would be if it wasn’t for Langston. Langston is the leader of the Enthrone;, and from what Vladimir tells me, he is harsh to all except his girlfriend and Vladimir. His girlfriend, I sure know her well, at least I thought I did. My idiotic twin sister traded sides to be with him after the last battle. That was four years ago. She thought we were too weak to survive, so she changed. Well, she has got it coming. Oh if I ever get my hands on her, I will just...

My deep thought abruptly interrupted by the sound of a sharp, ear piercing alarm.The sign for another bombing. Oh well, we are far enough underground to survive this wave. If the light outside starts flashing red and the alarms start beeping, that means we are in big trouble because of the Enthroned’s new prototype: deep penetration bombs. They don’t go off until they are a mile into the earth, making them extremely dangerous to us. If they hit the gasoline tanks, they could cause a huge explosion and fire. I grab my diary, my few personal items that have survived these years, and my suitcase, already packed, for these times of quick escape. Although I should run, I strut to the stairwell that will bring me the new section of our hide out. Ever since the last bombing, we have been developing this section. And, luckily, yesterday, we finished moving all of the equipment to the new and improved lab. Most people have also moved into their new rooms in the lower levels, but I have been too consumed in talking with Vladimir and writing in my diary.

I walk at a brisk pace for five levels of stairs; but it’s not long before I walk normally, like everyone else, since we are far enough away from where the bomb could cause damage. Being in high power, I am right next to the main square. See, our hide out is a town for our army. No one can enter without finger identification, eye scan, facial recognition, and ID card. It is impossible to fake anything because of our computers, which run everything, have the highest possible security. The smallest indifference will set off an alarm, and the person will be executed by the lack of carbon dioxide poisoning in the air-tight chamber. All of our army members and their families live here so the main square is basically the downtown of our hide out. We have anything a person could need. There is a chemical removal plant, plenty of restaurants, and hover car wash. There are also plenty of robo-dog parks and regular dog parks for the people who can’t afford a robo-dog. Our new section stretches for 10 miles underground and is five miles deep. This is an advancement from our last fort, which was only five miles wide and one mile deep. Although, because of the size and number of homes needed, rank of the members had to used for home assignment. The lower your rank, the farther from town your home is. Because some people do not have enough money to buy hover cars, we installed new moving walk ways. There are also a few teleportors, but those are only used by medical staff for when they need to get people to the hospital. Since the outdoors is now trashed, barren, and dry, we have parks that are the same as what parks were like before the Apocalypse and the rule of the Enthroned.


April 1st, 3216
The deal with the Enthroned is not making any progress but Vladimir and my friendship is. Oh how I dream about meeting Vladimir soon. I have yet to see a picture of him, but I wish I will soon. Our teleconferences are not enough. His sweet, soft, yet strong voice encompasses me in a sea of smiles and happiness. No one can know of my feelings, though. How I wish my best friend Annora were able to return home to us. Her mission is not going anywhere because Langston is too sneaky. No one but Atan Mata, his second in command, and Langston himself know of the plans until the day they will attack. Annora is the only one I would be able to tell of my feelings. She would understand and not try and use my connection to take down Enthroned. No, she would listen and try to help me figure out a way to get Vladimir and stop his brother, and there is the problem. Although Vladimir doesn’t like what Langston is doing to his people and the people of the world, he loves his brother. Vladimir wouldn’t want to hurt and/or kill his brother. I wish I could make Vladimir understand our side and get him to join us. If only there was a way...
10:20 A.M.- Langston’s Mansion, Executive meeting.
“What the he** is that plan! You are supposed to be my Attack Executive, Hanson. That is not an ATTACK! That is basically surrendering 4,000 of our men to the buffoons of the rebellion. We are trying to STOP them not help them by giving more men, guns, and technology to them.”
“I am very sorry, Sir. You are entirely correct. I should not have wasted your time, Sir.” Hanson says in a shaky voice to his higher power.
“You’re da** right I’m right. For god’s sake, I am the one who brought us to power aren’t I? AREN’T I?!” Langston screams.
“Y-Yes Sir. You are always right, Sir. I am sorry.”
“Oh stop your weak apologizing. I don’t need any wimps on my Executive board. Do any of you other idiots have any ideas? No? Vladimir, do you have anything?” Langston says towards his brother.
“Well, I was thinking that since our last bomb had no real effect that maybe we should try raiding the place. We could lure them out and destroy the forces they send. Then maybe--”
“Good enough to start. Hanson, get your best team together and start planning this attack. And for the rest of you, start learning from my genius brother here. He has been better with ideas than you all. And you’re supposed to be the ones with the ideas.” Langston says cutting out his brother.
“I want a plan on my desk by three today, or you’re fired! Understand now, you imbeciles? The meeting is officially adjourned. Vlad, wait a few minutes, I need to speak with you... Privately.”
“What is it?” He asks innocently.
“Is there any progress on the assignment that I gave you, about that Eva girl?”
“Not yet, but I do believe that she might start trusting me soon if I could meet her ‘Covertly.’ I might have a chance to bug her jacket, and we could listen in on the rebels... Wait, I forgot about their new security protocol, to have each and every person who has had contact with others outside the rebel forces to be swept of bugs.”
“Da**! I forgot about how careful they had become since Jennice betrayed them and joined us. It’s alright, brother, I believe you will think of something. But, now, it is time for dinner. Can you call Jennice for me? I just have to make a few very important phone calls...” He said as he cut the conversation short.
“Yes brother. One last comment.”
“Yes? What is it?” Langston cried out, exasperated.
“Have you noticed that the Rebels haven’t been attacking as of late. What if they are holding their men, waiting for one huge and final rebellion? Many people could die in this process; many lives could be spared with an agreement.”
“Have you started to take pity on the Rebels? I know one, final way to stamp out every shred of their hope.”
“And what is that?”
“All will be revealed in due time... Let’s just say that your little ‘Friend’ won’t have enough time to create a plan.


March 31st, 3216
I hate this! Langston thinks I am still with him on getting with the rebels through Eva but..... I am starting to actually like her. Her voice is sweet, and she sounds passionate to make a deal with us. It’s hard to lie to my brother’s face like I constantly have to. But the way she speaks to me, and the way she sounds strong... strong mentally like my father was is just amazing. It is like there is another form of my father to whom I am talking. She has such a riveting personality. She is just the most amazing sounding person. I can’t let my brother down, though. Not with his child coming and with him being my only family left. The dinner bell is ringing so I must go. I hope there is a way to connect with Eva as more than a friend but not disappoint my brother. I must bring her to our side! Or else... she will be lost, like countless others.


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For L.A. I just got the idea. I like it. More soon

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