one crazy dream

January 6, 2012
By blake waldren BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
blake waldren BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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I had a crazy dream last night. I dreamed that I was flying with nothing but my pajamas on. The
ground looked like the quilt my grandmother had just made for me. I looked back and saw my
brother and my sister looking in amazement as I flew through the sky. There was a plane flying
right below me. It looked so close that I was tempted to reach out and feel it. I decided not to
and kept both hands by my side. As the plane moves out of the way I see a roaring river with
two deep canyon walls below me. I begin to lose my flying abilities and I start to plunge toward
the ground. Right as I’m about to hit the ground, a giant trampoline slides under me and braces
my fall. By the time I realized what was going on, I am being picked up by a big and muscular
man. He puts me down once we were in the cave, and he is trying to talk to me, but I can’t
understand what he is saying. After a few minutes I realize that he is speaking another
language. I try to draw graphics to him, and he stares at me in amazement. His look is that of a
child’s first major league baseball game. His eyes bigger than golf balls and his jaw dragging the
ground, he runs to the nearest cave and comes back with 10 people that are wearing hardly
anything. They begin to look at me in astonishment again until one grabbed my hands and
started to raise them. Then 4 men sat me in a chair and started to pick the chair up with me in
it, they began to walk around and chant something that I couldn’t understand. They walked me
over to a large golden chair that sat in the top cave. There waiting for me was 4 beautiful
women with large buckets of food in their arms. I was tossed into the seat and was handed a
magnificent crown that had been bordered by diamonds and rubies. A fit a little loose on my
head but I did not dare to complain. After an hour of sitting down, my hair was parted in the
middle from being fanned so much by the lady servants and there huge leaves. My stomach
was ready to explode, I had eaten a full chicken and at least 50 grapes. Not to mention I was a
little tipsy after the 5 glasses of wine that were handed to me. All of a sudden a woman catches
my eye. She is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen in my whole entire life. I have to
go say something to her, so I got up and went to introduce myself. She told me her name was
Natalia. She is 16 years old, this also is my age. So we started talking, I was amazed on how
good her English was. She explained to me that her people believed I was god. She said that
they witnessed me fall from heaven and they rescued me. They want me to be their king and
help fight off the relentless Spaniards. I was not trained on how to fight battles and was
definitely the wrong person to rule a kingdom. So I began to think of ways to escape and bring
jasmine with me. One night we decided to elope we ran as far as we could until we reached
fertile ground where we could plant the seeds that we stole from the farmers. We planted
them right next to us and then watered them religiously. After a few weeks we were enjoying a
plentiful supply of carrots. We enjoyed each others company but we were eventually caught
and brought back to the village. Her father had sentenced us to death. My heart shattered
when I heard the news. The worst part was jasmine was to be killed before me and I was forced
to watch. As the noose was being tied I heard a distant voice saying “wake up it’s time for
school.” I woke up and had realized that it was all just a dream.

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i had a dream one night

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