Modern Sniper Meets Low Tech Sniper

January 3, 2012
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He was sitting, waiting, as still as a dead man. A sniper hidden up in the tall building with the perfect vantage point. Fitting his 25-06 with his custom barrel, the steel titanium alloy was still warm from when he heated it this morning. As he was putting the barrel together, the sun started coming up behind him. He was loading three of his homemade bullets into the cartridge.

The District of Columbia started to awaken and start. To many who work in Congress, it was a normal day. For three special men it would be the day they ultimately go home. Lastly, putting his scope on his rifle, he closed his eyes, remembering the faces he burned the night before: a senate member from Nevada, a lawyer, and lastly a doctor. They were uniquely tied by the bill that would destroy the biggest medicine company in America, the ones who hired the sniper, plus how close their deaths would be together.

Looking through his scope as the flag waved in the background, he saw his targets. Loading the first bullet calmly waiting for a perfect shot. Noticing America’s flag drop he fired three bullets in quick succession. Each a head shot, each target died a step up from each other.

Quickly disassembling his rifle putting it in his bag the hair on his neck stood up, it felt too calm. He started looking around. Bringing up his scope and looking around observing the buildings around him, he saw a guy on the roof next to him bringing up a crossbow. The last thing the sniper seen was the crossbow bolt coming towards his scope.

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Eli Farley said...
Jan. 4, 2015 at 11:29 pm
Urg... I hate to rain on your work, but I have a little criticism that I think may help your work. Having done a fair bit of competition shooting myself, I can promise you no sniper will ever remove his scope or his barrel from its original position without re sighting it in first. Most people will not pick up on this error, but those who do will definitely voice it. Also, a crossbow bolt can't penetrate directly through a scope. The convex angle of the lenses are enough to deflect even small bu... (more »)
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