What's My Name?

January 5, 2012
By jessicab13 BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
jessicab13 BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
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Kablaaaam! Molly sprinted to the football field from her Ag class when she heard the thundering explosives tear their way through the ground. She made her way around the bleachers only to see what she least expected: a giant crater in the end zone of the field which had been nicely groomed to a “tee” only five minutes earlier by Coach Pederson. She could only imagine what could possibly be down there so she gathered up all of her courage and crept down to the field.

As she approached the crater she saw fragments of a single engine airplane lying all around the football field. The more damage done that she saw, the quicker her pace got. At this point she was running across the field. Once she reached the giant hole in the ground, she saw what was left of the partially destroyed airplane. The first thing she thought to herself was, “there has got to be someone in there!” She slid down in the hole and started to rummage through the plane. When she opened up the side door to the plane, she came across a jacket that was dirty and smelled of fresh cologne. The inside of the plane didn’t seem to be too destroyed; it just had some things thrown around.

“Is anyone in here?!” Molly screamed.

“Yes! I am! I’m trapped under something and can’t move! Over here! Hello?!” the voice yelled frantically.

Molly followed the sound of the voice, calling to her in the airplane and found a boy about 17 years old stuck under some debris. She squeezed through the main isle and pulled him out.

“Thank you so much for getting me out of here!” the boy exclaimed.

You’re welcome. What’s even going on right now? How did this happen? And before I forget, what’s your name?” she asked.

“I have no idea what happened. I think I was sleeping, and when I opened my eyes the plane was crashing into the ground. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. I’m not exactly sure of what I’m doing on this plane anyways. I don’t have a clue.”

“Well, who was driving the plane?”

“I don’t know. I really have no idea whatsoever.”

“You must’ve hit your head pretty hard on something when the plane crashed. Can you really not even remember your name? Think back, really hard.”

“I’m sorry miss, but I don’t recall. How about we start on your name, and get out of this mess.”

“My name is Molly.”
She helped him out of the plane and lead him into the school. They went to the main office, and Molly lied and told the office lady that this boy was her cousin. The office worker told her to go ahead and go home and spend time with her family. Molly and the boy walked to her house and chilled out on her couch for a while.

“So, we need to figure out your name, where you were going, and where you were coming from,” Molly suggested.
“I agree. I’m thinking we should check any news reports on the internet or any “missing child” reports.”
The two of them got on Molly’s laptop and started searching for any recent news that could possibly be related to this nameless boy.
“Airplane and Passengers, Missing Somewhere in Pennsylvania”, the article read. Molly immediately clicked on the link, and read the details on the topic.
“Chance Smith was last seen at New Line Airport in New York, New York. The single engine plane he was on was reported to have gone missing off of the route they were taking to get to the lower west side of Pennsylvania.”
“That has got to be you! Is your name Chance Smith? Try and remember!” Molly insisted.
“Well, I’m trying to remember…I think it might be!” Chance said.
The two of them found a callback number on the article and ended up getting ahold of Chance’s parents. They flew to Pennsylvania on the soonest flight and gave Molly all of their thanks Molly felt very proud to have helped this family, and was happy to have a new friend.

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