The Deserted Ones

December 4, 2011
By Katelynechols BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Katelynechols BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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As the plane departed from the Amazon jungle, the group of friends stood there on the runway, sensing that they were being deserted. Their families had left them by themselves in the dangerous region, not caring about what happened to them. Their feelings surfaced and they began to cry. The friends walked into a poor, deprived village, and ask if they could stay for a short while; soon, they were settling into the tiny huts that the natives gave to them. The locals, one by the name of O’uacha in particular, was exceptionally charitable in his givings and efforts to please them, but something was unusually peculiar about the native’s kindness. The next morning, after a breakfast consisting of dried oats and herbal leaves, the friends walked to a small stream about fifteen minutes outside of camp. After playing in the water and enjoying the beautiful morning, the sky grew dark and it began to rain. The friends ran back to the village, soaked to the core. When they returned, the village seemed eerie and deserted, but Kevin, one of the friends, didn’t seem to think so. He entered confidently, but it was a serious mistake. Suddenly, once Kevin was through the gates, all of the tribal people came out of their tents and fell to their knees, arms lifted, and heads towards the sky. Quickly, O’uacha grabbed Kevin by the foot and drug him towards the bonfire, tying him up with rope. The rest of the friends then realized that the natives were not normal people; they were cannibals. Before Kevin’s companions could save him, he burned alive. His friends could hardly listen to his screams of anguish; it was unbearable. After the savages had devoured Kevin, they decided to attack someone else. One of the boys in the group, Will, tried to hide, but it was no use. His tall, lanky body and pale complexion made him as visible as the sun in a clear blue sky. One of the savages grabbed him, fighting his resistance, and roasted him over the fire. He was partaken of soon after. The remaining friends fled into the jungle; all but one named Tyler. Being one of the smallest, he was left behind in the chaotic chase. While the others escaped and began to form a resistance movement, Tyler hid in a dark, cold cave right outside of camp. The cannibals went after the group, leaving Tyler alone in the village. Unfortunately, for the tribal people, the young group had hidden their tracks well. They hid in the enormous green trees of the jungle just before sunset. Just as it got dark, the cannibals approached the ground beneath them. As O’uacha and the tribe leader, Kiwaua, mumbled to one another about their horrid plans for the visitors, a branch from above them snapped. As Kiwaua looked up, the branch fell and hit him directly in the head, crushing his skull and killing him. The cannibal’s morale increased dramatically; they climbed up the trees and fought to the death. After the fighting was over, everyone had perished except for two cannibals. Proud of their service to their people, the two natives, one of them being O’uacha, marched triumphantly back to the village. What they didn’t know was that Tyler, still hiding in the cave, was waiting for them; he was anxious for the cannibal’s return, ready to kill in revenge for his fellow comrades’ deaths. With war paint on his face and weapons he found in the cave, he was ready to find the horrible creatures and smite them. As they walked past the cave, Tyler threw a knife into one of the cannibal’s backs, knocking him to the ground. Tyler grabbed a knife and ax from the cave and ran out; he stabbed the one lying on the ground in the neck, made sure he was dead, and ran after O’uacha, who had taken off through the trees. Though O’uacha was much bigger than Tyler, Tyler was faster, more agile, and caught up to him quickly. When Tyler threw the ax at O’uacha, he missed but made the savage trip and fall over a giant tree root. Tyler grabbed the ax from the ground and ran towards the cannibal lying on the ground; when he got within range, he jumped on O’uacha an aimed the ax for his chest. O’uacha threw his arm up in defense, and though it cut his arm to the bone, saved his life for the moment. He was losing blood quickly, and Tyler soon had the advantage; O’uacha quickly grabbed a sharp stick just as Tyler was about to stab him in the throat. O’uacha speared Tyler in the right shoulder, and impaired his ability to kill. The savage continuously stabbed Tyler until he was no more. After tearing Tyler’s shirt and wrapping the cloth around his arm tightly to stop the bleeding, O’uacha stood up, walked off into the jungle, and was never seen or heard from again.

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