The Start of Something New, Scene 1

November 17, 2011
By Santinobarca BRONZE, San Jose, Other
Santinobarca BRONZE, San Jose, Other
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I looked at my computer screen, codes and numbers flashing, and I was typing really fast to introduce those codes. I was almost done fixing the computer and then, my enemy did the thing I hated the most. There was a power outage. I screamed with anger and pain. I would have to start all that hard work over again. I asked myself. What the hell could I do now? Then it struck me. It was the perfect time to work on my financial issues. If I was going to keep working with computers I had to get a better one. Plus, I should advertise. But for that, I needed money, which was my problem because I couldn’t waste any more of it. The amount was enough for me to eat and pay my bills, and just that. Maybe a loan could be a solution, but it would have to be a very big loan, which I wouldn’t be able to pay in a long time, and hell, they wouldn’t even give me the loan.

There was a knock on the door. I opened it. A man with a box was standing there.
Almost immediately he asked: “ You Draco? “
“Yes, indeed.” I said
“My computer won’t accept my password and a friend of mine told me you are great at this kind of stuff.”

“Yeah, but you know its not free right?” I questioned
“Oh, yeah of course, man. So how much will it be.”
“I’m not sure, it depends on the computer, the password you had, and other nerdy stuff if you get me.”
“Okay, sure, bro. Do what you got to do.”
“Deal, can I have your number so I call you when it’s ready?”
“Yeah sure, its 235-575-662”
“Okay, deal. Bye.”
This will help me survive another month, I think. Maybe. But it would do. A job offer had to appear fast.
When I closed the door the power came back. It gave me a chance to keep working. I decided I would have some fun so I went towards my old and cheap TV, and I turned it on, and then turned on the PlayStation 5. I was in the mood for some videogames. The T.V. turned on slowly and then my favorite videogame came up. Modern Warfare 5. I really enjoyed playing this game. I didn’t really go out, and my life was pretty boring. Until the call.

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