December 16, 2011
By malik davis BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
malik davis BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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A man was walking in the forest when he saw a Barney that looked kinda like a zombie with blood and foam coming out of his mouth. So the man named Dr. Phil pulled out a katana then Dr. Phil got scared and started to run then Barney started to sing “I hate you, you hate me I’m going to chase you up a tree” but while Dr. Phil was running he tripped over a root in the ground which caused him to trip and fall. Which gave Barney enough time to gain on him but he thought fast and got up and started to run again but Barney pulled out a rope then threw it and the rope wrapped around Dr. Phil’s leg. But that didn’t stop him Dr. Phil pulled out his sharp katana that glistens in a bright sunny day and cut the rope that was around his leg and again stared to run but Barney had one last chance to stop him so he pulled out a knife then threw it and hit Dr. Phil in the leg which again caused him to fall in an instant.

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