The Warrior and the Beast

December 16, 2011
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A ginormous warrior that had long hair and a long beard ran through the forest. The forest was dark and there were all kinds of trees that reminded him of things. He had his nerf gun in his hand as he went through the dark scary forest. People screaming sounded like it came from the other side of the forest. The warrior found where the noise was coming from it was a big hairy beast that had horns on his head. He also had wings so he could fly. The big hairy beast would chase you out of the forest if he seen you. As the warrior was walking he smelled something really bad. It smelled like something had died. As he was walking he looked over in a little opening and there were some kind of bones. The warrior was chased by the beast and the warrior took his nerf gun and started shooting at the big beast. The beast made a loud growling noise. The warrior just kept shooting and wouldn`t stop. The beast finally fell over. The warrior went over to him to see if he was down. He said, “He is finally down”.

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