Warrior an the Chipmunks

December 16, 2011
The tall, hairy, ugly, warrior ran through the wilderness forest. Alvin and the chipmunks fell from the trees to surround him. So he pulled out his float that looked like a noodle. The chipmunks started singing “EVERYBODY DANCE NOW”. They started to dance; they were doing the moon walk. The hamsters off the commercial about the Soul car popped out. Then they started to dance to the new song “PARTY ROCK ANTHEM”. They grabbed the Soul car and started to drive through the forest. On their way out of the forest they saw Sponge Bob and Patrick smashing on some crabby patties. So they kept on driving and singing until they reached Taco Bell. They grabbed 12 tacos with some beef, chicken, shrimp, and some cheese. Then they started driving around and then headed to the mall. They walked in with an old boom box on their shoulder that was connected to every speaker in the mall. Everything was quiet then you heard “EVERY DAY IM SHUFFLIN”. Everyone started to sing and they had a great day.

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