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December 16, 2011
By dragonslayer317 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
dragonslayer317 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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keep your head up

The bare footed warrior lost but not forgotten is running through the dark, blood hungry, misty forest. “I have come too far to turn back now” the warrior says as a bag of bodies lay around him. As I recall they were sabortuth tigers but this warrior didn’t mind. But all of a sudden he stops and he says “why have they taken her, she had did everything she was supposed to do but they still sent her to her death” but he remembered this” she should have killed the dragon when she had the chance, this… is why she must go”.as his mind feels with rage his true spirits starts to awaken through his skin, a mystical glow appears around his body and the next thing you see is him dashing through the forest, cutting through the tigers like they were dust. His jagged swords observing blood as if it had a mouth to drink water from. He leaves nothing behind but a trail of lightning and blood, he comes to a sudden stop. He sees this cave and wonders what battle awaits him, he slowly walks in, watching his every step … he feels something wet falling on his head. He looks up to see the dragon with its sharp claws, dark blue misty eyes, his seems like twelve mile long wings. But the warrior stands his ground and says these final words “let destiny be decided”!!

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its an adventures quest

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