December 19, 2011
By Marco Pascual BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
Marco Pascual BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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As I awoke from the darkness a cloth bag was pulled off from my head. I was in a dark room with both my hands and feet bound to the seat I was in. The room was un-furnished and had small windows letting very little light in. At my sides there were two towering figures looming over me with large guns slung over their shoulders, most likely guards. They stood there without motion as a sat there for an uncountable amount of time. As I sat I could feel a slight rumble under me. Suddenly a door burst open and a figure appeared. Light streamed in making it impossible for me to see what it was. As the door closed my eyes adjusted to the darkness again and I realized that the figure was a man. One of the guards pulled a chair from the corner and the man sat directly in front of me. I analyzed him; he was wearing a neatly pressed tuxedo, a pair of black Dockers, and shinny black loafers. I did not recognize this man and I became very puzzled. He began to speak.
“Perry, welcome back.”
He then looked at the guards and he gestured them away. The guards unbound me and stepped away to a corner. Right then I realized how small the room was, it was about the size of a small storage area. The man interrupted me.

“Sorry for the inconvenience,” he said, “but we got another lead on Xavier Hamilton.”
I was extremely confused now, I had no idea who that was and how did he know my name?

“I’m sorry, but who are you, who is Xavier Hamilton, and how did you know my name”? I said in confusion

“My name is…”
Suddenly one of the windows shattered and the man fell out of his chair limp with blood all over his face. I jumped out of the chair towards the door, but I was baffled to realize that the guards didn’t even react to the incident. They remained in the corner immobile. I barged though the doors and stopped dead in my tracks, puzzled. I was in a van driving though a big city with a lot of people. As I turned back to go inside on of the guards pushed me out of the doors and on to the asphalt, hitting my head pretty hard. As I lifted my head from the road I saw the van disappear into the dense concrete jungle. I rolled over onto the curb and pulled my self onto the sidewalk. I sat and thought. I had no recollection of who I was except for what the man called me: Perry. I knew I was supposed to be in a meeting with a group of people that I actually knew and not in a van. Also that I worked for an undisclosed company that hunts for potentially dangerous people. I had no idea where I was and there was only one point of reference, a large golden obelisk. As I turned around to ask some one where I was I realized that everybody had disappeared. As I turned around I saw a shadow lurking around on top of the buildings planting a device on each one, then he disappeared. I ran towards the building and it began to topple over. I immediately stopped and threw myself onto the floor as the rubble began to pelt my back. I began to notice how light the pieces of concrete were when one of them hit my head and bounced off. As the rest of the building hit the ground I took chunks of it of and crushed it with my bear hands. This building was made of cardboard; I was in a set for some sort of movie. There were air vents in the sky and birds painted onto the ceiling. I hopped over the crumpled building were I found the exit of the set. I opened the door to find an even larger room filled with recording devices and weapons of mass destruction including guns, bombs and some small unmanned aerial vehicles. The building was painted all white with no windows and not a single soul. Where could everybody be? It didn’t matter so I walked over to the door and left. Outside I instantly knew were I was. I was staring at the worlds tallest building, the Burj Khalifa located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. I spotted a man standing in the middle of a mass of people with his hand behind his back staring straight into my eyes with an ominous look. I walked over to the man and the crowd dispersed as I began to ask questions as to who I was and what was happening. Suddenly he took my hand and grabbed it and began to shake it, I smiled and continued speaking. Then he turned around and started to walk away. I began to follow him but I felt an instant sharp pain in my neck and I fell limply to the ground.
I was awoken from my slumber by the howling wind of the chilling autumn day. I was in a hotel room filled with many luxuries such as a king sized bed, large screened television and a full sized kitchen. I got up from the bed and started to examine the room. Then I noticed that one of the large panes of glass was missing from the exterior of the building letting in large gusts of winds. As I walked around some more I saw a small brochure on the coffee table that read “Welcome to the Burj Khalifa – Presidential Suite”. I strolled back over to the window where I gazed upon the incredible sight from the 154th story. Suddenly I was pushed from my feet out of the window were I saved myself on a small ledge. A woman came over and began to speak.

“You have worked for us for too long,” she said “and now you know to much, goodbye Mr. Anderson”
She threw a syringe at my arm and I yelled,

“My name is Perry”!
Then my hands relaxed and my body became limp and I released the ledge falling 3000 feet off the building. My heart slowed, I became completely calm and less tense and shut my eyes.
Then everything ended.

The End?

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