Passing Dignity

December 19, 2011
By , Fiarfield, CT
“Cromwell passes the ball to Pele. Pele runs up the field, jukes out two defenders and cuts to the goal.” Said the announcer. It is 3-3 in the World Cup, Brazil VS. Argentina. Twenty minutes left, plenty of time for Brazil and their rising star to shine and win the game. I was 10 years old at the time and I was the only one to see the sniper, but could yell it over the crowds frequent roars and chants for their team. The Brazilians were biting their nails off in anticipation for Pelé’s shot but right before he did there was a huge bang and Pele fell down to the ground, dead.

Sergio Romero picks up the ball and starts dribbling down the field. Ever body else runs to aid Pele while they just gawk at the Pele mocking Argentina player. Sergio Romero shot into the open goal and the entire Brazilian side went quite but the Argentina fans went wild. The Referee blew the final whistle and the game was over. Argentina won, 4-3.

My dad and I walk out of the stands and watch as the police drag away a figure into the cop car and speed away. I see all the men moping around the stadium and all the children and women weeping about the game. My dad opened the car door and unlocked mine. I got in the car door and sat there staring at the back of my dad’s head as he just sat there. He quietly shifted gears and started to drive out of the congested parking lot. He started to drive out of the lot when he got cut off by a car registered in Argentina. He honked his horn as loud as he could and let out a nasty curse. The man in the car stopped and exited with clenched fists and a grin on his face.” Dad, who is he.” I said timidly.”
“Someone I hope to never see again.” He said as he put his foot on the gas and drove away.
Later that day my friend Jack came over to pick me up for my premier game.” Ready?” Jack said.
“Yeah.” I said softly
When we arrived at the field I felt happy, a feeling I have not felt in a while. I quickly ran on the field in time to catch the team meeting
“O.K., we will be playing 5 defender, 3 midfielder, and 2 strikers’ structures.” Coach said.” Paul is goalie, Jack, Steve, Jake, Will, and Ethan are playing defense, Chris, Joey, and Matt are playing midfield, and Mike and Chaser are playing striker.” Coach said.” Play on three, 1, 2, 3…”
“Play!” The group said as unison.
I ran out to the center of the field, put my foot on top of the ball, and waited for the referee to blow the whistle. The referees got into their positions and blew the whistle. I rolled the ball back to Mike and took off running down the field. Mike chips the ball over to me and I start dribbling. I juke out two defenders and cut to the goal. I pull back my leg and shoot. I see the ball fly upper 90 and go in. I run back and threw my fist in the air for I scored the first goal of the season. As I was running back my teammates high fived me and we got back into our positions.
After that though, the game got really ugly. Mike and I both had hat tricks and even one of our defenders scored. The game got so bad that coach put me in goal. I put on my gloves and tightened them. My coach told the referee that we were subbing goalies, so at the first out of bounds play the referee stopped play. I ran onto the field and stood under the goal. The other team threw the ball out and started dribbling up the field. Their best player beat all of our defenders and started to cut to the goal. He pulled his leg back and shot. The ball flew into the air to my right and I dove. The ball hit my hand and bounced out of bounds. I quickly got up in time for my teammates to congratulate me. The referee called it a corner and gave the ball to number 42. He chipped the ball to the center of the box and someone was there to volley the ball upper 90 and score. I slowly turned around to get the ball and when I did I turned around and saw a lone fan clapping. I looked even closer and recognized the face, but could not remember the name. I threw the ball up to mike and he placed the ball on the 50 yard line. Right when Mike passed the ball to Paul and the referee blew the whistle signaling the end of the game. We won 7-1. I quickly shook the referee’s hands and met Jack in the parking lot. While we were waiting for my mom to pick us up we were talking about the strange man in the bleachers.
“Yeah, I saw him too.” Jack said.
“I recognize him from somewhere, but don’t know his name.” I said.
“He’s probably no one. Don’t let him annoy you.” Jack said strongly.
“Yeah, you are probably right.”As I said that, my mom came by and picked us up.
My mom dropped off Jack at his apartment, but while she did I saw the same man that was at the game enter the apartment too. For a second I thought that Jack was in trouble then I remembered what he said.
My mom put the car in reverse and exited the drive way, she then switched gears, and drove away.
At home I got a package stamped with a Brazilian logo on it. I looked even closer and saw that it is for me. I grab a scissor and lightly cut open the box. I open it slowly and see a yellow jersey and a blue jersey. Attached to the blue jersey was a note saying “I have been watching you for almost over five years and have seen you progress as a player and I think you are good enough to be on the Brazil Academy team. If you accept this I will see you at the stadium for practice in one day.”
Bryan Brosethes

Is this really happening, am I now an official Brazilian soccer player? I have to call Jack.
“Hello.” Jack said.
“Hi Jack; guess what, I am now a Brazilian soccer player.” I said happily.
“Me too!” He said ecstatically.
“Really? I can’t wait to see you at practice.” I said.
“Can’t wait, see you.” He said
“Bye.” I said as I hung up the phone.
This is so great, first I make the team and now Jack made the team too. I can’t wait until tomorrow. As I said that I looked at the clock and saw that it was 10:00.” Might as well go to sleep early.” I said as I went into my bed and fell asleep.

At 9:00 my mom dropped me off at the stadium. I ran onto the field just in time for practice. We ran sprints for the first three hours and then for the remaining two hours we played small sided games. While we were playing another scout was watching us. It was the international team scout and I know I can’t make a fool of myself, but I did. I got beat on defense, someone stole the ball from me every time on offense and I did not run.
By the end of the year coach put a pink slip in some people’s lockers. If you have one you’re on the international team if not you’re still on the academy team. Unfortunately I did not get a pink slip but Jack did. Jack tried to come over and tell me but I was too embarrassed to tell him I did not make it so I ran to the parking lot and into my mom’s car. When we got home I yelled at my mom and dad for asking about the slip and ran to my room.
This same routine happened for another two years but on the third I saw something extra in my locker. A pink slip. I almost past out cause I was so happy. I then ran home and told my parents but they did not want me going.
“Why not.” I asked with a hint of anger in my voice
“You’re too young.” My mom said.
“I don’t care mom. I do not care about your decisions or you.” I said as I stormed out of the door.
All throughout the three years I did not play but when I was suppose to play I was not allowed to. After the game I found out that I was traded to Italy. I was so mad at my team for trading me but I could not do anything about it so I met my family at the airport with all of my stuff. There was a private jet outside waiting for me. I turned around at my family and hugged them.” I can’t go.” I said.”I don’t want to leave you. I know I was a jerk in the past but I love you and I don’t want to leave.” I said sincerely.
“We love you too.” They said as we all walked home, as a family for once.

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