Mistakes of an Assassin

December 13, 2011
By datbenkid BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
datbenkid BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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Alexey Fedotov leaned against the light pole casually appearing to be reading the news paper. Out of the corner of his eye he watched as a man stepped off of the tram. The man was known as The Reaper because everywhere he went destruction was sure to follow. He was dressed in a dark black leather jacket, aviator sunglasses, and a stocking cap. Not only did they hide his features but also they kept him warm in the sub arctic temperatures in Moscow. He made his way over to the café where Alexy was standing. He ordered a coffee and went and sat down inside in the far back corner of the room. Alexy then went in and ordered sbiten a Russian drink that contains honey and spices. He slid into the booth opposite of The Reaper and took out three stacks of money, each stack held ten thousand dollars. He then produced a file from within his jacket. It was a plain manila colored file but what was inside held the potential to make Alexy very rich.
“You’ll get seven more stacks just like these when you finish the job” Alexy slurred in his thick accent.
“This must be something special if you’re willing to pay one hundred thousand dollars”
“Well when u have something that has to be done the price should be fitting.”
And with that The Reaper got up and walked out making his way to the hotel he had rented the night before. When he got to his room he went through all of the rooms. Being such a feared man he had many people that would rather have him with a blade in his ribs than out walking the streets. After he had checked every possible hiding spot he closed the blinds of the room and sat down at the couch placing the folder on the coffee table in front of him. He sat there looking at it guessing what could be worth so much money. Finally he opened it, inside was a picture of a man. It seemed to be taken from a distance; the man seemed a couple of inches taller than the body guards that were escorting him, as well he seemed to be just as built as them. He carried the air of authority about him. There was also a profile about him. He was the head of a private worldwide contracting company but there was controversy on whether that’s all that he did. In some of the cities where he was working around the world there was murders of high ranking government and military personnel. The orders were to go to Munich, Germany where his company was building a new robotic factory and to kill him.
“So he said this is what was so fitting for that much money.”


He awoke early the next day ready for the long few weeks ahead of him. He did have the problem of not being able to have weapons on the plane but that was easily fixed by instead of flying driving to Munich. Although it would take longer and he would be more tired he wouldn’t have to use unfamiliar equipment which could dictate success or failure, and failure meant death. He walked out to the car garage, to his Mercedes Benz. The bags that contained all of the supplies that he would need for several weeks were all ready in the trunk. He got out of the city on to the highway at about eight in the morning. At the end of the day he pulled into Minsk. He stopped in a parking lot and went over to a nearby bar to get a meal. He sat down at the end of the bar and ordered a meal of potatoes and sausage. He sat there and watched the soccer game that was on. As he sat there a drunken man came over to him. Probably fueled by anger of his team losing and too much alcohol he began to become violent and push The Reaper around. At first he just ignored it but then the man wound up to hit him as the punch shot towards him, he leaned back and the punch shot passed his face he then grab his arm and slammed it down breaking the man’s arm. The Reaper then jumped up and raced out of the bar and into the parking lot. He was driving away just as the police showed up.
Change of Heart

The next day he was able to make it to Berlin where he stopped for the day at a hotel so that he could catch up on his rest. He spent the entire day sleeping and he woke up at dawn. He went out for a walk and was down at a park, while he was out he saw a homeless man lying out on a park bench. He walked up to the man and placed one of the stacks of money out for the man to find when he woke up. He went back to his hotel and checked out. He drove to Munich that day and began to search for the building site. He soon found it and parked off to the side. It was towards the end of the day and he saw his target drive up to the site to check on how far they had gotten that day. When he left, The Reaper followed him until he came to the condo that the man was staying at. Then he went passed and found a building that was close by that had access to the roof. He got up to the roof and set up his rifle. He was looking through the scope when he spotted the man he was laying on the couch watching TV. He was just about to take the shot when he noticed the child that was lying there with him. As he watched he saw as the mother came and took the child off to bed. He then thought to himself how could he do this do a man who had a family. He then thought about how he had lived his live and realized that the way he was living was going to have to end. He left and dumped his weapons into a river. He then went to the airport and bought a ticket to India. he realized that he had forgot to bring his suit case of cloths with and went back out to his car to get them. Just as he shut the drunk of the car he was slammed forward he looked down and realized that he had been shot. He slumped against the car and turned around. There right in front of him was the very man he had been sent to kill.

“Next time you ought to finish your job before it finishes you” the man said.
“But you… you have a family how could you do something like this.”

“That is just a cover up to try and make assassins like you second guess yourself.”
And with that the man walked away and The reaper lay and slowly died by his car.

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