The True Meaning of Victory

December 26, 2011
By Adi12345 PLATINUM, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey
Adi12345 PLATINUM, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey
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“This is madness!” governor Christie, a plump man, hollered, eyebrows contorted. He was causing ruckus in the otherwise serene office building. His colossal hand banged against the $500 table, round and ornately decorated, creating an irreparable dent. They were discussing topics that demanded the most importance. However, while President Obama attempted to discuss about topics such as destroying the last of Al Qaida, Christie bickered on and on about removing poaching laws.

“Mr. Obama, the poaching laws are not being properly reinforced; we’re spending millions on hiring people to prevent poachers, who are still carrying on like it’s a hike in the park! Christie conveniently omitted that he, himself, purchased expensive snake coats from the poachers.

“Fine!” Obama roared, eyebrows trembling in his seat. “Order the removal of poaching laws, and get the heck out of here!”

“Hooray!” Eyes glowing, fists pumping, Christie jubilantly waddled out of the room to perform the order.

(2 months later…) Tears incessantly, throat burning, Glenovo, the silver anaconda, watched helplessly as yet another one of his dear brothers was whisked away by the filthy humans. Did they not have a conscience? Did they not have feelings the way, he, Glenovo, and the other snakes had? Either way, waiting and watching was no longer an option. Beckoning to his secretary, he commanded, “Summon everyone from all nations. It’s time for a family reunion.” Several days later, a huge fiesta was arranged. It was the midst of a full moon night, and for miles about, snakes were chatting and laughing, while sipping on some blood, or snacking on some squirrel flesh. Ultimately, Glenovo addressed them from the serpent podium.

“Brothers and sisters. Today, we have come to avenge the death of our fellow citizens.” He paused, allowing the effect of his speech to sink in. “Today, we join forces to take down human nation. No longer shall we sit around and do nothing while we are slain one at a time.”

The uproar was so deafening, birds flocked out of trees, while frogs squeezed into the protection of holes in trees.

“For the next few days, you will all train vigorously. I shall handpick the best warriors to be sent to accomplish our mission, and the next best to reinforce them. Bur for now, cheers!”

Cheering as if they had never been happy before, the party was continued all night, while Christie ecstatically tried on different snake coats, trying to see which fit him most snugly, unaware of his fate.
(Two Days Later…)Training was finally over. All the snakes were now slim, fit, and ready for action. They were sweating profusely, but not from training. The selection process was about to take place, and each snake showed of its skill, hoping to be chosen. Contemplating carefully for several silent minutes, Glenovo scrutinized over each snake. This was a choice that would alter the course of serpent history; a choice that would have to be made with caution.

“Remo!” He finally hollered. A small, but fierce snake, bruised and scarred, appeared out of nowhere next to Glenovo. “Jerryloy!” A massive, black snake wrapped around and around a tree, constricting it, until it snapped in half. Then, it proceeded up to Glenovo, crushing any twigs along its path. “Marlento!” A bright blue and snake slithered away from the party, where a tiger happened to be snoozing. With lighting reflexes, it struck the tiger, which turned blue before its silent death.

“You three will be the Serpent Intelligence Service. The SIS. Your mission. Secure Washington DC, then we will reinforce you with troops. The war shall not last long. May the Lord Serpentosio always remain with you!” Huge roars filled the Amazon rainforest as the SIS proceeded towards the America-Mexico border.
(Few Hours Later)“Snakes!” yelled one of the border patrol guard. Holding out his reliable pistol, a 9mm Browning, he crept forward cautiously. Before he could react, Remo had appeared out of nowhere, and shoved his tail onto the gun, knocking it down. Jerryloy wrapped himself around the gun, breaking it into M&M sized pieces. Ultimately, Marlento slithered forward slowly, displaying his venomous fangs to the guard. The guard, eyes wide with shock and fear, backed straight into the fence, shook violently, and fell onto the ground with a thud, unconscious. The snakes looked up and saw a bright red sign, reading, “Warning. Electric Fence. 1000 V.” Digging a hole into the ground, the snakes crawled underneath and past the fence. The SIS was on its way.
(Few Days Later)Reclining back in his chair, President Obama gently massaged his temples. What was going on? “Snakes Take Over World!” read the headlines of New York Times. Briefly, he skimmed over the article. “Trio of snakes wipe out 100s in Orlando.” “Venomous snake kills numerous at Richmond Police Station.” “Black snake crushes cases in museum, and eats $3 billion brain of Albert Einstein.” “Fifty snakes come out of Amazon Rainforest, and are proceeding towards the US-Mexico Border. Guards and pest control unable to stop them.”

“Ms. Rimelan!” he summoned.

“Yes, Mr. Obama?” his secretary came sprinting into the room with several stacks of paper covering her face. A glint of blue and red flashed in between the papers.

“Abort Plan X. Atomic bombs are to be dropped in Amazon Rainforest, not Japan.”

“Y-yes, sir.” Her eyes were wide, and a red mark was printed onto her neck. Dropping her papers, she suddenly started to gasp for breath. She stumbled over to the General, and barely whispered the new plan, before turning blue and falling to the ground. The lethal venom had done its work. Meanwhile, Marlento was regretting the fact that he had eaten that brain; he was experiencing nauseating stomach pain. However, he also had an upsurge of brain power. In fact, after eating the brain, he managed to create a small, lethal device that would destroy all of America. However, it was quite unnecessary. The war was nearly won, and he unlike the adversary, had a conscience.
Later that day, the reinforcement troops had caught up with the SIS. DC’s perimeter had been secured; the war had entered its final stage. Suddenly, however, they turned around to see a large plume of smoke rising in a distance. Instinctually, everyone knew that it was over, and that the majority of their kind had been devastated by the merciless humans. Tears clouded their eyes. A surge of anger rippled through the last of the serpents, and they were briefly tempted to strike down every last human being on the wretched country. Nonetheless, Marlento knew what to do, and whispered his plan to the SIS. Ultimately, after slithering for miles and miles, they led everyone into a cruise ship. There was plenty of meat here to survive, and they could start a new life in a foreign land. Just before leaving, Marlento slipped his deadly device, a nuclear bomb, onto the shore. Half an hour later, a huge ball of flame leapt from a distant speck of land. The war was over. They had won; there would be no human survivors left in America. The SIS looked around at what was left of their kind. Then, they glanced at the ashy remains of what had been America. Victory was sweet, Glenovo had told them. This was the first time he was wrong.

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