the adventures of Jon Smith

December 23, 2011
By themattman1234 BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
themattman1234 BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
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“Jon, watch out”! Instantly Jon’s knife was stabbed into his back. It all started 3 months ago with a normal skinny man named Jon Smith. Every day Jon would go to his work at the local bank. Every day he would walk in take off his jacket and get some coffee, but today was different. As Jon walked in he saw that the bank was being robbed by three tall bank robbers.
All of them had black masks on and said sharply to Jon’s friend Hector, “give us all the money you have.” Hector looked like he was going to have a heart attack. Suddenly Jon ducked behind a desk. searching through his pockets looking for his phone Jon realized that he left his phone charging at his house twenty minutes away. Then Jon realized that the police department was one block away from the bank. Jon quickly ran to the door but then he remembered that when you go out of the door, it makes a very loud sound. Jon knew he had to do something. He quietly went over to the robber. He quickly snatched his gun away and pointed it at the robber. The robber turned at Jon and was surprised to see that someone was standing behind him. Jon ordered the robber to get on the ground while hector called the police. Minutes later the police were outside the bank. Jon handed the robber over to them.
When Jon got back in the bank Hector said, “You were amazing.” From that day on Jon and Hector decided to learn how to fight and become crime fighters. They needed one more member, so they went to their friend Bill. He agreed to join. They had a lot of money from being bankers, so they were able to make a base. One day they got a call from the mayor saying that there was a new jewel thief in the city. Bill had to go to work so Jon and Hector went to investigate. They went to the last place the jewel thief was spotted. They found broken glass everywhere and all of the jewels stolen. They went to the bank to get Bill for his help.
When they got to the bank they asked Sheila (one of their friends) where Bill was, but Sheila replied, “Bill was never scheduled to work today.” Jon and hector found something very fishy about this. Jon and hector then went to Bill’s house to look for him. They knocked on the door but there was no answer. They then went to a window and looked in. they saw that there were piles of jewels. Jon and Hector felt betrayed. They waited till Bill came home and followed him inside. Bill walked down a flight of stairs to his basement.
Jon and Hector followed him very quietly. Suddenly Bill turned around in his chair and said, “I’ve been expecting you two.” It turns out that Sheila had told Bill that Jon and Hector had come looking for him. Bill then said that he was the jewel thief. Jon then took out his knife and threw it at Bill. Bill then caught it in his hands and threw throwing stars at Jon. Jon dodged three of them but the forth one came to low and cut Jon. Jon fell to his knees and gasped out in pain then Bill threw Jon’s knife right at him.
“Jon, watch out”! Instantly his knife was stabbed into his back. Hector always kept a knife in his back pocket. He took the knife threw it at Bill and hit bill right in the stomach. Bill fell to his knees he probably would live but Hector quickly took Jon to the hospital. Jon was in critical condition.
Two months later. “Jon,” Hector said
“Hector,” Jon replied. Jon had lived through the stab wounds. He couldn’t walk for a while but he was going to be okay. A couple of months later, Jon was all better and he was ready to fight crime again. Jon and Hector decided that they wanted, and needed a dog. They went to the police K9 center where you can adopt a K9 that was trained for sniffing out people and even jewels. They walked down the center looking at all of the dogs. All of the dogs had blue collars on where this one dog had a red collar on. This dog was named Justin. He looked very small and sad. He kept whimpering as if to say, please help me. Jon and Hector both knew they had to adopt him. When they brought him home they both discussed what they had to do.
They decided they needed to get him some food, and bring him to the vet. When they brought Justin to the vet he said that Justin had a minor issue with his leg that would get better with a medicine that he subscribed. A few weeks later Justin was all better and Jon and Hector wanted to see how good he was at sniffing out something. They had Hector go across the street and have Justin sniff him out. Justin immediately picked up the scent of Hector and ran to him.
“Good boy” Hector said. They then knew he was still a good sniffing dog to use with them. They next need to find a new member. They turned to Jon’s brother Fred. Fred happily agreed and thought it would be cool. Jon turned to Fred and asked him in a funny way, “You’re not a jewel thief are you?” Fred didn’t get the joke but Hector started to laugh. They later told Fred what the joke meant and he laughed. Now the team was ready. They heard the bell ring and there was another jewel robbery. They went to the scene and found a man in an almost robot looking body suit. They snuck up behind him and hit him. They’re hands started to glow red. They stepped back and heard a voice.
“I have been expecting you.” Jon and Hector knew the voice from somewhere. The man turned around and saw who it was. It was Bill.
“Hello Jon.” “Bill.” The team stepped back. “I see you have a new member” Bill said. “I see you have a new body” Jon said. “Yes after Hector stabbed me, my nerves were badly damaged and I needed this suit to make me walk.”
“It also makes for good armor.” We must bring him to justice, again. The team quickly spread out. They got out all of their weapons. They threw everything they had at him but it wasn’t enough. They then thought of an idea. What if they were to reflect his attacks back at him? They got all of their weapons and waited for him to make the first move. When bill fired his attack at them they quickly shot at his missile. The explosion was closer to bill so he got all of the blast. When the smoke cleared the team waited to see what had become of bill. They looked and saw that he looked dead.
“Let’s leave this one for the cops” Jon said. Bill got up and shot a bullet at Jon. The bullet hit Jon. He turned around and said, “Bullet proof vest.” Bill looked stunned and confused. He stunned because Jon had the bullet proof vest on, and confused because Hector wasn’t next to them. All the sudden, Hector placed a devise on bill. This devise didn’t explode though. This devise shorted out all circuits on any electrical devise, such as Bill’s robot suit. “We thought that you weren’t dead”. “We had Hector hide behind you and wait.” “Now let’s finish it.” The team went to work. They tied up Bill and checked that he couldn’t move. “Let’s go gang” Jon said. The team went to the local diner and sat down. They started to eat. They heard a huge noise in the distance. They then started to see their drinks start to wobble. They looked out the window. They immediately saw bill walking down the street. He had one of his arms walking but the other one was limping from the battle before. They ran outside and stood in front of Bill. To be continued…

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