December 23, 2011
By bobbywasibi BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
bobbywasibi BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
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The tense in this piece is present because for the characters, they are experience everything now.

Jonny Rob: Older brother. Tall. About 5 feet 11.Lean like a toothpick. Age: 13.
Maggie Rob: Younger sister same size and description as Jonny.
Maddie Rob: Mother giant and skeletal. About 6 foot 11.
Udine Rob: Dad. Tall gaunt looking man about 6 feet tall.
Ms. Crayon: Teacher. Plump and tall. About 6 foot three.
Mr. Crazy: The trainer. Little. 5 foot three. Obese.
Chapter one: The beginning
Maggie: Good morning daddy.
Dad: Morning Maggie.
Maddie: Udine, don’t forget to finish the special experiment.
Udine: You know I won’t honey.
Jonny: What experiment dad?
Maggie: Yeah, what experiment?
Udine: Oh just something to change the world.
Maddie: UDINE!!!!!!!!
Udine: I think I know what to mention, hon. I got it under control.
Udine leaves for work.
Maddie: Jonny, get ready for the first day of 7th grade. You too Maggie.
Jonny: Yes mother we know, we know.
Maddie: Oh there is the bus. You guys have to go.
Jonny and Maggie leave for Jorgen Middle School.
Maddie: Phewf!! Udine almost told them about the experiment.
Maddie leaves for work.
Chapter two: Maggie and Jonny find out the powers they really posse.
Ms. Crayon: Good morning class.
Jonny, Maggie, Class: Good morning Ms. Crayon!!!
Jonny, Maggie: (Snort).
Ms. Crayon: Is there something wrong Mr. and Mrs. Rob.
Maggie and Jonny: Oh no Ms. Crayon.
Ms. Crayon: Then why were you snickering? You know what; you guys just earned yourselves a detention.
Jonny, Maggie: Why?!!!??!?!?!
Ms. Crayon: Another detention. Don’t talk back to me like that.
Jonny and Maggie stare at the teacher with a ferocious look in their eyes.
Ms. Crayon: What’s happening to me?!?!?!?!?!?!
Ms. Crayon turns to stone next to her desk.
Maggie and Jonny: How did we do that? (Internal thinking)
Maggie and Jonny get sent home for abolishing their teacher.
Maddie: You guys, what did you do????
Maggie, Jonny: We didn’t do anything. We just gazed at the teacher and she transformed into stone right in front of her desk.
Maddie: GASP!!!! It’s happening, it’s happening. UDINE GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!
Maggie, Jonny: Wait, what’s happening?
Udine: Honey, what’s up?
Maddie: The kids stared at the teacher and turned her to stone.
Udine: Oh my god, I thought we had some time Maddie but I guess we don’t.
Udine: Guys, sit down. Our family comes from a long line of descendants of the god Medusa so if we let our emotions get out of control, we can turn people to stone. It usually doesn’t start until the 9th grade. Because your powers start before the 9th grade, this means that you will have to use your powers to fight something dreadful, something wicked, you must fight your own ancestor Medusa . Your eyes will have no power against her because you are her descendent. This is why your dad has been in the laboratory all the time. We had predicted that this would happen to you guys. Your dad has been trying to come up with a remedy to cure this family curse, but he has not found the proper antidote. If you guys do not stop medusa, she will take over the world.
Jonny: You guys will help us, right?
Maddie,: We cannot. It is your battle to fight. We can only tell you where to start your training. You must go to the old abandoned house on the corner of the street. That is where you must start your training.
Maggie: That’s it; you’re not going to even help us?!?!?!?!?
Udine: We are sorry kids, but that is all we can help you with.
Maddie makes a straining noise and a flash of pain flies across her face.
Udine: Bye kids. GO NOW!!!!
Udine carries Mrs. Rob out of the room.
Jonny and Maggie leave for the old abandoned house.

Chapter 3 Maggie and Jonny start their training and almost get killed in the process
Jonny: After you, Maggie.
Maggie and Jonny walk inside.
Maggie: Don’t you think it is a little bit creepy in here?
Jonny: I know right.
Jonny: What was that?
Maggie: I thought that was you.
Mr. Crazy: It is I Mr. Crazy, son of Medusa.
Maggie, Jonny: Have you been living here this whole time?
Mr. Crazy: Of course not. Once I smelled the blood of Medusa, I came here all the way from under Mount. Skies.
Jonny, Maggie: How come you don’t live on Mt. Skies?
Mr. Crazy: Only pure descendants of gods and gods can live there. My father was mortal. His name is Udine Rob.
Jonny, Maggie: What!?!?!?!?!?
Maggie: That’s our fathers name which means our mom is…..
Mr. Crazy: Yes your mom is part Mrs. Rob and part medusa. And yes I am related to you guys. Anyway, once a year, she turns into Medusa and tries to take over the world. Once the hero’s kill the medusa side of your mother, your mother turns back to her usual self. Then Medusa is brought back to life each day. Every year, on the same day, she tries to take over the world again.
Jonny, Maggie: Ohhhhh. That is why our mom cannot help us. She already is. She is trying to contain medusa until we are ready.
Mr. Crazy: So, who is ready to start some training?
Mr. Crazy: Okay, you must complete the obstacle course that I have just made.
Maggie,: Where is it?
Mr. Crazy: Look with your inner eyes.
Maggie and Jonny look with their inner eyes and see it.
Jonny, Maggie: Whoa, it’s huge.
Mr. Crazy: Some of my best work.
Mr. Crazy: Okay, the first part is the deathly knives of Medusa, then comes the snakes of medusa, then comes the eyes of Medusa. You guys can do this. You have the warrior blood in you.
Maggie: Come on Jonny let’s do this
Jonny: You got it little sis.
Jonny: Maggie, Watch out for that flying knife
Maggie: I got it Jonny
Maddie doges the knife by doing a kick flip and a summersault.
Maggie: Jonny, turn around, there is a huge snake right by your foot.
Jonny: I got it.
Jonny kills the snake by squishing it with his feet.
Maggie: Watch out for medusa’s eyes.
Maggie and Jonny are turning to stone
Maggie, Jonny: Nooooooooo.
Maggie: Jonny use your willpower.
Jonny: You too Maggie.
Jonny and Maggie use all there willpower and force the curse back.
Jonny and Maggie defeat the obstacle course.
Jonny, Maggie: Did you see her eyes? They were bright blue!!
Mr. Crazy: It would not have turned you to stone, it was a fake. It would not have stunned you.
Jonny, Maggie: Oh.
Mr. Crazy: I am impressed. Your mom was right. You guys are the right ones to defeat medusa. Now, let’s train you guys. You guys must become one. Together. Combine your powers to form the ultimate warrior.
Jonny, Maggie: Is this guy crazy? Who does he think we are? Superman? (Internal thinking).
Mr. Crazy: Oh by the way, I can read your thoughts and no I do not think you guys are super humans. I just would expect more from you guys.
Jonny: More from us?!?!?!?! How do you think we feel, huh? We just discovered our mom is part Medusa, and part Mrs. Rob. We also found out that we have the power to freeze people into stone. And guess what else?
Mr. Crazy: What?
Jonny: We have a crazy trainer who expects us to do a huge obstacle course and defeat Medusa in three days or else the WORLD ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Crazy: Ya, well that is the life of a bambolanga.
Jonny: What in the world is that?
Mr. Crazy: A descendant from a god.
Jonny: Oh.
Mr. Crazy: Man, you guys got a lot to learn, kids.
Maggie: I don’t want to do this. Sniff
Jonny: Me neither Maggie but it is our destiny.
Maggie: I know it is but I just don’t want to accept it.
Mr. Crazy: You probably would not die as fast if you accept your roll.
Jonny: Shut it buddy. We had enough drama for one day. If you will excuse us, we will be going home.
Mr. Crazy: Nooooooo. Your mom and dad sent you guys away for a reason. Each day, Medusa grows stronger and stronger in your mother until your mother cannot hold her back anymore. The more your mother sees you, the stronger Medusa gets because inside, Medusa knows that you will defeat her. If you show up to your house again, your mother might just lose control.
Jonny: Fine. We will stay in this weird house for the night.
Mr. Crazy: Excellent. I will go and set up your beds upstairs.
Mr. Crazy goes upstairs to set up Maggie and Jonny’s beds.
Jonny: So…… how are you feeling?
Maggie: Jonny, can I tell you something?
Jonny: Anything sis.
Maggie: I am really having trouble taking all this in, you know. All the descendant of Medusa, the gods, and the hardest thing to understand that our mom is Medusa. And this doesn’t bother you at all?
Jonny: Maggie, you have no idea. I feel worse than you inside. It takes all of my willpower to not show any emotion to what has happened.
Maggie: I feel better now that I know that I am not the only one experiencing all these emotions.
Jonny: Me too Maggie
Mr. Crazy: Okay. Your beds are ready. One more thing; DO NOT TOUCH anything by the nightstands.
Jonny: Why?
Maggie: Yeah, why?
Mr. Crazy: JUST DON’T. GOT IT?
Jonny, Maggie: Yes we got it Mr. Crazy.
Jonny and Maggie go to bed.
Jonny: Whoa!!!! Look at this awesome weapon on the nightstand.
Maggie: Remember what Mr. Crazy said.
Jonny: Okay Maggie. Goodnight.
Maggie goes to sleep while Jonny pretends. Jonny gets up and steals the weapon of the nightstand and pockets the weapon. (Ambiguity. I did this because later in the story when Jonny is fighting medusa, he will need it).

The author's comments:
it is a play and the lines are not seperated

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It was really good and your a great writer, however it seems a bit choppy with the play- like layout

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