The Big Bang

December 22, 2011
By HayWay GOLD, Draper, Utah
HayWay GOLD, Draper, Utah
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This is a tale of courage, bravery, and determination. This tale of awesomeness is about one little atom in a very large group of atoms. This tale of atoms is about that one little atom; Hydro Gen. Hydro was just a normal hydrogen atom with a normal hydrogen family, Mama Gen, Papa Hydro, Little Gen, and himself.

On a day very much like today, bleak and dreary, Hydro was on his way to his buddy, Liam’s house when a strong force pulled him to one point in the airless space.

There were some shouts and shrieks, then silence. No sound was heard if it could be made. Hydro was being dragged into an emptier void than before by an unknown force along with millions of other little hydrogen atoms much like himself.

“What is this!?!” someone screamed as Hydro was smashed against him.

No one could answer but pretty soon there were millions of little hydrogen atoms all pushed together in one square inch. Hydro didn’t dare breathe in fear of destroying the order, but someone snapped. A huge rumble ran through the crowed then a short pause. Sucking in air, the atoms prayed silently for safety. Yes, they would be safe; however they forgot to ask to stay close to home.

There was a noiseless explosion from the center and the atoms were hurled all the way across the newly born Universe. Hydro went flying into the depths of space without any forewarning and was now terrified of getting lost. As he soared through the blackness, he looked to his left and saw Liam Helium!

“Hey Liam!” Hydro tried to say, but it just came out as a mangled screech.

Liam yelled back, but it was cut short because he collided with four other hydrogen atoms.


Hydro was on his way to becoming a happy citizen in a gorgeous nebula forming just inches away when he saw a lovely helium girl flying to the left and slightly underneath him. Looking up, she smiled at him the came in contact with beautifull purple-ish dust. He collided with the same substance as she made her way towards him through the crowds of lost atoms. Hydro started towards her when she tripped and flew into his arms.

“Oh my goodness! I am so sorry!” the Helium girl smiled and apologized in a voice sweeter than honey.

“Uh yeah. It’s um all good” Hydro stuttered. He was twitter patted already!

“Anyway! What’s your name?” the girl asked happily. Hydro though to himself, she’s even prettier up close! Okay Hydro. Whatever you do, don’t look like an idiot!

“Hydro,” He replied, smiling. “What’s yours cutie?”

Now it was her turn to blush and stutter. “It’s um Hill- Hillary”

“It fits you very well, Hillary” Hydro commented. Gazing into Hillary’s green eyes was like getting lost in the blackness of space! Hydro could not stop thinking about her beauty and so he decided to make a move!

“Hey gorgeous, how would like to fuse together?” He asked smoothly.

Blushing, she answered, “I would love to!! Let’s make a star!”


Hydro and Hillary had finally become a proto star when Hydro found Liam Heli again! By this time, it was no wonder Liam had found a girlfriend, but Hydro was shocked it was a hydrogen.

Liam introduced her as Jenny but said to call her Gen because it was she was called when she a just a miniature atom.

“Hi, Gen. I’m Hillary and this is-”

“Hydro!!!!” Gen tackled Hydro and squeezed the life out of him.

“Um. I. Can’t. Breathe. HELP!!!” Hydro exclaimed, gasping for breath when Gen let go.

“I can’t believe its you bro!!” Gen smiled.

“Wait! Gen? As in Little Gen? As in my baby sister Gen!? Liam! I cannot believe your fusing my baby sister!!” Hydro flipped out.

“Its all good, because now we’re in the same star together!” Hillary beamed.

“Good point, Hillary,” Hydro grumbled. “Might as well get along”

Suddenly, there was a loud grumble in the proto star. Then they were swiftly moving towards another group of proto stars. They were now joined with another proto star and were on fire! Hydro and Hillary were jumping up and down and were suddenly fusing and Gen and Liam were doing the same.


Hydro and Hillary and Gen and Liam were living the good life inside and average star. Sure it got a little hot sometimes, but 95% of the time its was perfect weather! They were enjoying a peaceful day drinking their non-fat milk when a sudden boom sounds the end of the main sequence life.

“Aww! I don’t want to leave!” Gen moans sadly.

“We’re not leaving just growing up” Liam smiled and put an arm around her shoulder.

“You ready?” Hillary asked Hydro happily.

“You know it!!!” Hydro exclaimed.

The families fused and the star grew even larger than before. Now they were a giant! Hydro was happily rearranging the house when he started turning a rusty orange color. He looked to Hillary who was turning pinkish.

“Woohoo!!! Guys! I’m turning into oxygen!!” Liam laughed and went to show Gen his light blue arms when Hillary ran over to Hydro to show off her pink and green stripes.

Hydro was sad he would not be a hydrogen atom anymore but he couldn’t stop the change to Iron. Instead of being depressed he chose to show off his rusty hair color and awesome orange eyes.


Another change was occurring but this time would be the last. They were about to nova and Hillary was having a panic attack!

“What if I get stuck in space when everyone else goes to the weird planet thing below us?” Hillary panicked.

“Don’t worry about it dear! We’ll be fine and dandy and so will you!” Hydro cheered her on.

“Okay, okay.” Hillary gave in, too tired to even try to argue.

There was a final grumble from the star and Hillary, Hydro, Gen, and Liam took a running start off of the mass of fire. Purple, blue, green, and pink dust particles flew all around them as then plummeted towards the ugly planet beneath them. They flew all the way around it before branching off one, by one and landing somewhere new.

Hydro, being an iron got sucked into the soil and grains of sand in the planet. He joined the assembly line of new comers in an underground cave. The speakers were speaking in gibberish and all Hydro got out of it was that this weird planet was called Earth. It was only hours later that he was herded into a nail sticking in the ground. They were directed to wait until a humanoid walked on the nail then rush into the body.

It had been almost three hours when there was sudden pressure on the nail. There was a loud alarm and a huge whooshing sound in Hydro’s ears. He was rushing into the foot of President Ronald Reagan! Hydro was not the only Iron atom to enter a presidents blood stream but it was the most exciting moment of his atomic life!

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my Earth Systems science class and several people told me to publish it. So, I did :] Enjoy!

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