Sir Livius and the Candy Cane Forest

December 7, 2011
One knight began his long journey down a packed dirt path. They called him Sir Livius. Rumors and hearsay had been spreading about a land of magic, a place known as the candy cane forest. Sir Livius knew that this was where he needed to be. The indigenous people of the forest were said to be renowned warriors. If he could defeat one in a duel, not only would he bring great honor to his house, but also would claim the warrior’s candy cane of power. A candy cane of power may sound like a whimsical trinket. However each one is a powerful artifact that lends tremendous strength to its holder. Sir Livius was determined to collect them and become the most powerful knight in his kingdom.

His horse kicked up dirt behind him as he went. With every bend in the trail he hoped he would come face to face with the peppermint gate. A large wall enclosed the forest and the gate was the only entry point. Suddenly something unexpected happened. The trail ended and he was left in a dead end only surround by trees. Any normal man would have abandoned his quest and turned back, but Sir Livius knew better. He knew this was just the first of many trials he would have to face if he wanted to get into the candy cane forest. He waited at the dead end hoping that his patience would be seen as a virtue of his character.

He sat atop his horse for what felt like hours. Hunger gnawed at his stomach and his mouth dried. The sun lowered itself below the tree line and soon he was waiting in darkness. Surely this was a test the guardians had prepared for him. Only a truly valorous knight would be granted entrance! He had to remain determined. He fell almost into a trance as the cycles of day and night spun rapidly. Each new day made him grow weary, both mentally and physically, but he could not pass on the opportunity that this fabled land was real. As he waited, dreaming of the power he was going to obtain, he lost consciousness. He lost grip of the reins on his horse and went crashing to the ground.

He was now completely in the hands of fate. As he lay motionless on the floor the only thing that could save him would be a stroke of luck. Perhaps a wandering traveler? Or another pursuing what brought Sir Livius here initially? Neither was particularly likely, but was a candy cane forest likely either? A once great knight was powerless, and the condition was something he had brought upon himself. His blind pursuit of the things he wanted had landed him there. Sir Livius could do nothing, but wonder whether his folly had cost him his life.

Sir Livius could feel tingling in all of his limbs. He was slowly regaining consciousness. He was no longer on a cold floor, nor did he feel the armor he was so accustomed to wearing. He had on some basic clothes and was lying on a fur pelt spread over a wooden table. Someone must have found him and decided to help. His mind was coming back into focus as he noticed a hunter preparing supper, a delicious smelling leg of lamb! This hunter must have been living off of these lands for years; if there truly were a candy cane forest he would be the one to know about it. Sir Livius became very excited and asked the hunter if he had ever heard anything about it. The hunter’s reply was nothing near the high expectations of Sir Livius. When he told him that he had never even heard of such a thing he denounced the hunter as a crazy man. He got up from his bed and declared that he must be going. Surely he would find what he was looking for!

That my friend, is the story of Sir Livius. Will he find what he is looking for? Some say he found the candy cane forest, and spends his days enjoying the fruits of his labor. Others insist that he simply lost himself in the forest, not lucky enough to be saved a second time. His perseverance is strong, but perhaps it is not admirable.

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