Revenge of the Unicorns

December 13, 2011
By Keenanlukey BRONZE, Deer Park, Wisconsin
Keenanlukey BRONZE, Deer Park, Wisconsin
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It's been five years since the unicorns dropped the rainbow bomb on planet earth. The bomb knocked out half of the world's population and sent the other half into hiding. Small bands of people have tried to join together to fight the unicorns, but they have gotten wiped out almost as soon as they started. There have been rumors of a slave camp where human prisoners are being held.

All hope seems lost, but one group is gaining in numbers. Their leader is a young boy with the name of Jeremy. You may remember Jeremy from "Attack of the Unicorns." After the Rainbow bomb was dropped ,Dwayne, Jeremy and Suzie searched for any type of life. To no avail they decided to start their own camp, and hope for people to find them.

After only four months their camp grew from three to 112 people. These weren't just any ordinary people though. The camp was based mostly of soldiers, former soldiers, and other types of tough guys. To be even more lucky, the mythical creature bunker that the family hid in was loaded with guns and ammo.

Everything was going great until one night. A small scouting party was made to go find where the unicorns were staying. This group included Dwayne, Suzie, and five others. They were expected to be gone for one week but they never returned. Jeremy was then made camp leader. It's been three weeks since then.

"OK everyone you know the drill!" yelled Jeremy. “A unicorn has been spotted within one mile, everyone pack up and get underground.”

"Sir! When are we going to get the chance to fight these things?”

"Not now soldier, but soon enough." Jeremy said reassuringly.

The whole camp then ran into an underground shelter that was made by the camp members. It was made to hide in case of the unicorns ever got in the vicinity of the camp.

After an hour, the entire population of the camp emptied out of the bunker and made everything back to normal.

Weeks passed. There had been rumor of a huge unicorn base located only ten miles away from camp. More and more unicorns have been flying over the secret base, making the camp members even more tense and on edge. Everyone was losing hope until one day that would change everything.

"What is all the commotion about? Was there another unicorn spotted?" asked Jeremy.

No commander. said Jeremy's right hand man Jonny. But it must be something important.

Suddenly a group of five men ran to Jeremy's tent carrying someone. Its Suzie...

"Where did you find her?” Jeremy franticly asked the men who found her.

"We found her about two miles away trying to run in this direction." one of the men answer. "She fell unconscious about an hour ago, but she will be fine.

"Thank you strangers, you may stay here if you like." said Jeremy.

Suzie stayed unconscious for days but Jeremy always stayed at her side. He had to know what happened on their scouting trip that happened weeks ago.

"Wh-Where am I? Suzie asked dazed.

"Suzie your awake! I'm so glad you're ok!" Jeremy said excitedly.

"How did I get here? I remember trying to get here but how did I?" She asked confused.

"A group of men found you. You were trying to walk back here but you fell unconscious." Jeremy explained. "Do you remember the scouting trip that you went on with dad and some men?

"Yes I remember." Suzie struggled to say.

"Can you try to tell me about it?" Jeremy asked.

"We found the unicorn base only after two days of travel. It was huge. We tried to get in but we were spotted almost right away. They vaporized most of us into Skittles with their rainbow beams. Dad and I were taken captive but we escaped after a week. When we were running away the unicorns spotted us and began chasing us. One of them swooped down and grabbed dad and flew away. I just kept running and running until it was dark out. Then I noticed they weren't chasing me anymore. It was strange that they wouldn't keep chasing me so I went back to see why. After about two minutes of walking I spotted a unicorn! It was laying very still on the ground. I walked up to it and it didn't even do anything. That when it hit me! Unicorns can't function in the dark! That's how we can end all of this. Attack their base in the dark, it's that simple!" Suzie exclaimed.

"That is amazing! We must attack as soon as possible." Jeremy said

The whole camp got ready to travel to the unicorn base to take them over.
12:00 Midnight

"CHARGE!" Jeremy yells.
All of the camp members run into the unicorn base and take it without even having to fight.

"Victory! We have finally done it." Jeremy says happily.

"But Jeremy we should make peace with the unicorns." Suzie states.

"Ok I agree, let's have a meeting with their leader.
Jeremy and the leader of the unicorns have a meeting and agree that both races will live in peace with one another forever. Everyone lives happily ever after.

The author's comments:
This is the sequel to my first short story "Attack of the Unicorns".

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