Attack of the Unicorns

December 13, 2011
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In a galaxy far, far away, the Planet of Unicorns is preparing for war against Earth. Earth used to be ruled by humans and Unicorns together. All was peaceful until one day humans tried to enslave the unicorn race, so the unicorns could be used as transportation and free labor.

The unicorns didn't like this very much, so they all escaped earth and flew far far away. After years of flying, they found a planet perfect for them. They named it Planet of the Unicorns.

Ever since then the unicorns have been training for war. They have been mastering the art of karate. Very few unicorns have earned the rainbow belt, the highest rank. But their most dangerous weapon isn't their strength or their smarts... Its that they shoot rainbows out of their horns. This rainbow incinerates anything and everything it comes in contact with. Their only flaw is that wherever they fly, a small rainbow shows their path.

Its been thousands of years since then. The human race has forgotten about unicorns and placed them in fairytales.

"Come on kids lets go! We have to get there before all of the campsites are full." said Mary.

"Ok mom!" yelled Jeremy and Suzie from their rooms.

"It's going to be a long drive. Did you two bring something to do on the ride there?" asked Dwayne.

"Yes daddy" said Suzie, "I brought my unicorns to keep me company. "

"Well lets get going."
They traveled to Yellowstone Park for their vacation.

"Well we are finally here. Everyone get unpacked so we can walk to the campsite." Dwayne said.

The family walked for two miles, worried that the campsite would be full, only to learn that it was completely empty.

"Well this is just weird, how could there be no one here?” said Dwayne. "I swear I saw cars back where we parked, so where did all the people go?"

"I'm not sure honey, don't let that bother you. We have the most popular campsite in Yellowstone National Park all to ourselves, let's have some fun!" said Mary.

"Mommy, mommy look at the pretty rainbow!" Suzie said.

"Wow that must be the prettiest rainbow I have ever seen! That makes me want to eat some Skittles®." said Mary.

"Here you go mom, I found a ton of Skittles® all over the place!" said Jeremy.

"Wow this may be the best day ever! Alright everyone lets go find some buffalo!"
The family had a fantastic weekend at Yellowstone, but something just didn't feel right. The emptiness of the park was a luxury but was strange. Yellowstone was a very popular place so why weren't there any people? And what was with the random piles of skittles and all the rainbows? It never rained so how are there rainbows?

"Well that was the most fun I've ever had on a vacation, let's go home." said Dwayne.

"Dad do we have to leave?" The kids said at the same time.

"Yes, but I have a feeling that we will come back here again."
The family traveled back to Jacksonville, only to find that it was empty...

"Why is no one here? It's as if some aliens came and abducted everyone!" exclaimed Dwayne.

"WOAH look at that double rainbow." Mary said shocked.
The family suddenly went into song and dance.

"Double rainbow all the way across the sky! Yeeah, Yeaah. So intense." The family sang loudly in auto tune.

"Mommy you said unicorns aren't real." Suzie whined.

"Well of course they're not, why would you say that? Mary asked.
Suddenly a rainbow came out of nowhere and zaps Mary, turning her into a pile of skittles.

"Oh my goodness that random rainbow turned Mary into a delicious candy snack!" screamed Dwayne.

"It was the unicorns daddy, they shot that rainbow at mommy." Suzie says.
A pack of unicorns suddenly flew over the buildings and begin shooting more rainbows at the family.

"Get in the car! Were going back to Yellowstone!" yelled Dwayne.
The family of three raced back to Yellowstone being chased by the unicorns the whole time. When the family got to Yellowstone they suddenly noticed that they weren't being chased anymore, so they ran as fast as they could to the campsite they were at on vacation.

"I just remembered, when we were on vacation I noticed an emergency bunker. It said in case of mythical creature attack." Dwayne explained. "We should be able to get there and gear up to fight the unicorns."
The family finds the mythical creature bunker and prepare for war.

"Well we are finally here, and this seems like it could take quite a beating."

"Dad, look quick! That looks like a bomb dropping from the sky!" Jeremy yelled.

"Oh my goodness that must be a rainbow bomb! Get in the bunker!"
The family got in the bunker just in time to survive the massive rainbow unicorn bomb that would wipe out a good portion of the world.
To be continued...

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