the light

December 22, 2011
By D@K0T@ BRONZE, Dallas Center, Iowa
D@K0T@ BRONZE, Dallas Center, Iowa
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life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what ya gonna get.

Luke was walking home from track practice. The sun was set and the moon was up. The moon was barely a sliver in the sky. Luke noticed a light behind him. It had been following him for a while. Luke started to jog, the light sped up. Luke broke into a sprint, the light went faster. Luke rounded a corner and ducked into a alley. he saw the light ran past. Luke rested for a bit when suddenly he got hit on the head. before went unconscious, he heard a gravelly voice say "your good, but not good enough." Luke wakes up strapped to a metal table. he's surrounded by a deep moat. he hears a whoosh, whoosh. he looks up to see a sharp pendulum swing above him getting closer and closer each swing.

The pendulum swung closer and closer. Luke wondered if this was the end. "What will it be like? will I feel it slice my skin or will I see a flash of light and be gone?" Luke wondered. Luke then hears a bang and then machine gun fire. After a few minutes, the pendulum started to slow down. Then through the door bursts 17 special ops men. they unstrap Luke and carry him out the door. Your safe now, the Al Queda men were killed, the men said. After eating some food, they take him to a humvee. A man sits on the other side of the vehicle. "Hello General Connor." Luke says. "thanks for saving me." Connor is about to speak, when the humvee behind them explodes.

"What the heck was that!!!" yelled Connor as another humvee blew up. "Get us out of here Commander Drake!".
"Yes sir!" says Drake. He revves the engine and the hummer lurches forwards. suddenly, the radio crackles to life, and Connor picks it up. The radio spurts out that the Al Queda have started firing upon the caches that Luke was just at.
"How many men are wounded Lt.?" Connor asks.
"2 are dead and 7 are wounded." the radio crackles.
"Keep me updated." says Connor
"ten-four, over and out."
2 hours later they arrive at the outpost. When they got there, Connor says to the radio personell,
"issues a bombing on the Al Queda, command alpha 12-473, operation clusterstorm."
"roger that commander" says the radio personell
They hear the bombers fly overhead, and they watch them fly to the site. On the comm., they here one of the pilots say that their is no one there. Suddenly, one of the bombers burst into flames.
"status report!!!!!!" connor yells into the mike.
"It's no uProxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

, the parasite has taken them over Connor, all of the men over there are infected" Luke says.

"what do you mean the parasites got them?" Connor asks. "The al Queda said they were going to release a parisite out on us. The parasite acts like a zombie; If you see someone walking wierd with drool all aver their face, they probably are infected." "So your telling me that the al queda have something we don't?!?"Connor says quite loud. they walk over to the window and see thousands upon thousands of al queda and u.s. soldirs walking to them. "Fire at the parasited men with tranq. bullets. we dont want to hurt our men." Connor orders. they fire tranq. bullets at the "zombies". it doesn't even slow them down. so the rest of the platoon starts to fire at the swarm with real bullets. in the end all the "zombies" are killed. Commander Drake was killed in battle, and 5 other men were killed.

the end........ or is it?!?

The author's comments:
my teacher mr grout.

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