The Cossack Chronicles

December 15, 2011
By pacman2237 BRONZE, Depew, New York
pacman2237 BRONZE, Depew, New York
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AUGUST 19, 2053

As the two men in black coats neared the silhouette, they drew their weapons. The taller of the two carried a .357 Magnum, capable of penetrating car doors or body armor. The other had a high power modern day laser gun in case of an emergency. When the men were within striking range of their target, he suddenly spun around and thrust his umbrella up. There was a burst of air and the taller man dropped his gun and clutched his neck. His gun went off and a glare caught on a pin shaped item embedded in his neck. What the target had done was pull an electric trigger in the handle of the umbrella, releasing a whoosh of compressed air, propelling a poison filled dart into his neck. The shorter agent brought up his weapon and took careful aim, making sure that he would hit his target. His target was known as many names around the world. The most known and feared name was Cossack. This man was an agent for MI6, the British intelligence. The two men were assassins hired to kill him. The client was prepared to pay $500,000 to get this man killed. This man was the only man that could foil the client’s plan. As the assassin brought up the gun, Cossack stepped on a small button on the heel of his shoe. With one more whoosh, smoke started to fill up the area. When the smoke cleared, Cossack was gone, as was the .357 Magnum.
AUGUST 20, 2053

Cossack sat alone in the office of Love Smit: the head of the special operations branch of MI6. He looked around for clues on the man and why he would keep the top agent of MI6 waiting for an hour after such a successful mission. Seeing a painting on the wall he got up to take a closer look. There was a small slit resembling a key hole and he discovered that the whole painting was placed on hinges, letting it swing if unlocked. He pulled out the .357 and placed the barrel against the slit. As he pulled the trigger, the inner mechanisms of the lock split apart and the door was crumbled on its hinges. He placed a well placed round-house kick in the middle of the door and it flew off its hinges. Behind the painting was a dark, wet, inviting tunnel.

As Cossack crept into the tunnel, Love Smit was alerted, and the most evil man in the world’s plan was underway, for Love Smit was an anagram for most evil. Love had just taken over in MI6 and was an undercover terrorist in Al-Qaida. With preparations to destroy Great Britain’s government, he needed Cossack out of the way for good.

After a few feet of crawling onto the dark tunnel, Cossack was aware of a hissing noise. In the dim light, he suddenly saw a long, serpent like shape lung at him and in a panicking state of mind he drew around the Magnum and placed a well aimed shot into the open mouth of his attacker. Cossack was suddenly aware of the air thinning and a noise like compressed air getting pushed into the tunnel. Cossack knew that he had only a few minutes before his lungs would fill up with whatever gas was being added to the air, causing a painful, slow death. As he crept along the tunnel, he knocked along the floor until he found a hollow spot. Raising his gun once again, he shot out a few shots, making a hole big enough to put his hand through. After shooting several more times, he could escape through the hole. After crawling out, he started falling. He looked down and saw the street, filled with traffic, 20 stories below.


As he fell, Cossack spun around and took off his left shoe. He lobbed it and a strong magnet caused it to cling to the side of the building that he has speeding past at what was now approaching terminal velocity. Approximately 2 feet below he took off his right shoe and squeezed the heel, causing it to come off, reveling a small metallic disk. If someone had taken apart the whole shoe, they would find a small cartridge of compressed air capable of pushing out 45 psi when a small switch was pressed. Aiming at the other shoe, Cossack did just that, causing the metallic disk to shoot out at amazing speed. There was a steel cable trailing behind the disk and the cable came to a halt as the disk hit and stuck to the shoe. Holding onto the right shoe, the strong magnet slowed down his descent just enough to provide a safe landing on the grass next to the street that was so far below only a minute ago. He took a box about the size of a book from the bag that he had. After placing it on the building, he hailed a taxi. As he was driving away, he clicked the only button on the small cylinder that he held in his hand. The building burst into and inferno, with most of the building being ripped apart. As the driver told him the amount he had to pay, he raised the Magnum one more time, and placed a bullet between his eyes. The building then collapsed with debris flying all over the city.

AUGUST 21, 2053

Cossack woke up to a beeping on his phone. There was a message incoming to his phone, and as he opened it, he smiled. The message read: WE NEED YOU. GET REVENGE FOR YESTERDAY. CIA 555-9786. He called the number, and a robotic voice answered. After navigating through some menus clicking buttons, he was told by the machine to come alone to Washington D.C. on the first available flight and then he would get further instructions.
AUGUST 22, 2053

As Cossack boarded the plane, he thought he saw a small glare of the son in the man’s backpack that sat in front of him. He wouldn’t let one minor detail get to him on his free trip to America. When the woman at the counter to buy tickets told him that the next flight was in four days, all he had to do was show her his I.D. and badge supplied by MI6. She rescheduled someone else’s flight and got him on the plane set for that day. He was now on and was putting his carry on in the overhead bin, as was the man that had the backpack with a glare. In his carry-on was a small pistol made in 1910 in Paris France. This was called the palm pistol and the whole gun was squeezed to fire. He got this on the plane by getting a thin coating of lead and placing it around the gun. This modern plane could go from London to D.C. it only 25 minutes. 10 minutes into the flight, the man in front of him got up and took out his carry on bag. He pulled out a knife and brought back his arm to throw it at Cossack.


As the man’s arm flew towards him, Cossack raised the gun and shot off a shot. He had slipped the gun out of his bag when he placed it in the overhead bin. The gun was equipped with a suppressor, making a faint noise and no muzzle flash as the bullet entered the man’s arm. Clutching his arm in pain, the man dropped the knife, and Cossack swept it up. In one fluid movement, he brought the knife up, making a fine line of blood and brought it back down with surprising force, cracking his skull, and instantaneously ripped the brain to shreds. At further inspection, the man was a man from Pakistan named Abdulla Mohammed. He was hired by Love Smit to kill Cossack and was being paid $1,000,000,000. The plane swerved and a voice came over the intercom.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have the plane under our control. You are in no danger if the man Cossack comes to the cockpit now.”

As he sunk further into his seat, Cossack decided to wait out the terrorists. A few minutes, an Arab came out of the cockpit and brought up a Colt 1911. An American gun. He quickly aimed, fired killing a woman in the first row, and shouted out “SHOW YOURSELF COSSACK!”


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