December 16, 2011
By redruMaster BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
redruMaster BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Me and Timmy Turner were riding, on a mobile made of nachos, to go hang out with Reptar at Incredible Pizza. When Timmy ordered some of shaolin’s nachos that smelt like burning ghost chilli. But Reptar stole and ate them and pasted out because they were so spicy. When i tried one it tasted like raw fire. So we went to the nacho mobile it was gone. And so we called my pet scorachocabra, the most ugly and terrifying thing around. 25 feet tall from the bottom of a leg to the top of the stinger. Also it has eyes so red it makes the devil look pink. Additionally it smells like deviled eggs left out in the sun for a week straight. The smell was so bad it woke up Reptar. So we left Incredible Pizza and went to my house made of marshmallows hung for the rest of the day.

The author's comments:
I wrote this before lunch so i was very hungry.

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