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December 5, 2011
By PrestonBurnley SILVER, Bridgeton, New Jersey
PrestonBurnley SILVER, Bridgeton, New Jersey
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“Preston, if you trip someone one more time, I’m going to write you up!” Mr. Evans screamed.

“Fine, Mr. Evans… whatever.” Preston said. His face twitched as he said it. His eyes opened wide, and his nostrils flared.

“What do you think is his problem today?” Preston leaned over and asked Taylor. “Something’s obviously wrong with him. I mean, he’s never like this. It’s just a normal day, but he’s not acting very normal.”

“I don’t know what you mean.” she said.

“Hey you two, you’re obviously talking amongst yourselves too much. Preston, didn’t I warn you before? I’m going to need to….”


Mr. Evans’s sentence was interrupted by a huge crash.

“What the hell was that?” Preston screamed. “I smell smoke. Does anyone else smell smoke?”

“Yeah! I smell smoke!” Angie screamed. “Is everyone ok? Is anyone hurt?”

“Ouch!” a sudden sound came from in front of the gaping hole.

“Did we just get hit by a bomb or something? That explosion was huge!” someone said.

“I don’t know!” Jordyn yelled, “Let’s just get out of here! We’ll do a head count once we can actually see everyone’s heads. Everyone follow me! We’re going to make it! We’re gonna make it!” Her face was dripping with nervous sweat, but Preston stood up and said,
“Why are you all still sitting there? You heard what she said! Get out now! Everything will be fine!”
“How do you know?” bellowed Marrissa, as everyone was hurrying out of the room.
“I just know. I’ve gone through situations like this before, I mean like when your life depended on it.”
“Wait!” Megan screamed, “Where’s Mr. Evans? He should be out here with us. There’s no reason why he wouldn’t be out here trying to boss us all around.” Everyone began to murmur.
“I’m not going in there. She’s crazy!”
“Everyone who’s able enough to help me find him come on. Everyone who wants to p**** out, go ahead. But know that if we can’t find him, it’s on your conscience,” Megan said.
The room was filled with smoke.
“I can’t even see my hand, and I’m basically smacking myself with it,” Jeremy said.
“No one cares Jeremy!” Jen said, “We just need to worry about finding our teacher and heading out before this whole floor collapses.”
“Mr. Evans!” Everyone was screaming, “Where are you! We can’t see and…”
“I’m over here…” an almost silent whisper came from the corner of the classroom. “Help me, please.”
“I’m coming Mr. Evans.” Preston said. He said it with tears running down his face. His face had turned red, and he was flipping desks over.
“I’ve found him!” Preston hollered, “He’s over here by the big shelf.”
“Ok…” Matt began “Let’s all carry him out of here. This place could blow any minute now.”
Everyone lifted Mr. Evans bruised body and ran out of the room. Jordyn almost tripped down the stairs, but they all made it out safely. When they finally arrived on the lawn, the school exploded.
“Who would have done this?” Justin asked with tears gushing out of his eyes.
Preston responded, “I don’t know, but we need to get Mr. Evans some help before it’s too late!”

All of the students stole a police car to rush to the hospital. When they arrived, they ran into the hospital and Preston screamed,

“Help! Help! We have an injured teacher who is on the brink of death! Someone! Help now!”

“Ok kid,” a doctor said, “What seems to be the problem?”

“What the hell do you think?” Preston yelled.

“Ok… gather this man and put him in a room. I’m going to have to do some medical procedures on him. Back up everyone, back up!”

The doctor took Mr. Evans into a room, and he saved his life...

“Good to have you back Mr. Evans”, Preston said, “ Good to have you back…”

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