Alien Invasion

December 3, 2011
By MNicole GOLD, Banquete, Texas
MNicole GOLD, Banquete, Texas
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The crash of glass breaking wrenched me out of my deep slumber. I blinked my bleary eyes in confusion before falling back onto my pillow. Before I can fully succumb to sleep the pitter patter of tiny feet brings me back. Something touches my leg and I'm and I'm wide awake now, screaming and kicking out. I hear a thud as whatever it is slams into the wall. Not a second passes before hundreds of little hands begin clawing at my skin, nails and teeth ripping and tearing. I thrash and flail, trying to fling the mini creatures off of me. The clouds shift and moonlight streams through my window as I look down. A scream tears through my throat as I take in the sight. There's hundreds of them, little gruesome creatures no bigger than my finger. The red irises pf their bug eyes are clearly visible in the dark. Their gray skins taut and stretched sickeningly across their form, bumps surround their eyes and where the mouth should be is a gaping hole ringed with razor sharp canines. Their tails twitched back and forth and their antennas quivered with each bite of my flesh. Blood was beginning to seep through my clothes, rapidly soaking my shorts and t-shirt. I cried in agony and they began to swarm around my head. Claws cut into my face as they fought to reach the top. I can't see! I can't breathe! Oh god I cant-!

The author's comments:
Alien attack!

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critic101 said...
on Dec. 23 2011 at 7:09 pm
story is short. no grammer. some little vocabulary. You can do better!


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