Song of the Storm

December 3, 2011
By KitKat125 SILVER, Somewhere, Indiana
KitKat125 SILVER, Somewhere, Indiana
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"Always write first things uppermost in your heart." --Edgar Allen Poe

No mermaid am I, though the waters run through me, taking the place of the very blood in my veins. The salty depths crash wildly about, rocking me side to side with an enchanting lullaby. They rise up, offering the occasional misty kiss, yet remaining at a tantalizing distance.
With a flirtatious wink and a wave, they fall back, the sound of my name mingling with the whistling in the air. They call to me, bidding me to join them in their mystical world. With them, they say, I could be truly happy. With them, I could be free.
A throbbing pain of regret stabbing my heart, I refuse. Lowering my head, I turn from the side of the ship and go about my tasks. To my shipmates, I am invisible. They call me unlucky; only the will of their captain turns aside their protest of my presence. How could I leave behind the ocean, as they demand? The water is my one true love.
As a piece of rope is severed beneath my knife, my hair is blown into my face by the drastically increasing wind. It stirs up the wrath of my love, knocking aside my father’s ship like a piece of driftwood. A warning sounds from the lips of the first mate, calling all hands to the deck. Another soon joins in with a muttered curse, passing all blame to my shoulders.
Men pool forth from below like lava, rushing to reinforce sails or steady the wheel. Still, I stand amidst the chaos, transfixed by the exhilarating power being displayed by the terrible beauty of the sea. Rain the size of cannonballs pour down from the heavens to be reunited with their king. Water hurtles over the sides of the ship, gathering in mighty legions upon the wooden surface. The whistling continues, more insistent than before, harmonizing into a mesmerizing love song. I throw back my head with a smile, finally answering the invitation.
I feel bubbles surrounding me, caressing my face with their gentle touch. Schools of brilliant colors swirl all around. As I land softly upon a bed of sand, I willingly fall into the embrace of the ocean itself. Darkness engulfs my vision.
I am now one with my love.

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