My guardian Angel

December 12, 2011
By Juan Arango GOLD, Wellington, Florida
Juan Arango GOLD, Wellington, Florida
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This is the story of how I met my guardian angel, and how I saved the world.

I sat in Starbucks, staring. I stared and I stared and he stared right back, we both knew what was at the very tip of our tongues, but neither of us would dare to bring it up, so I stared, and he stared right back, but something about him struck an odd note inside me, it scared me, it frightened me, Immediately I banished the thought from mind feeling embarrassed and guilty, then came my best friend alongside him my brother. I got up and both hugged my brother and my best friend, I looked back to see where my one true love was sitting and nobody was there, I dragged both the boys over,
"What the freak Katy" my brother, Josh exclaimed
"I Swear to you he was right here" I defended myself bravely
"Katy, you were probably just day dreaming" my best friend Reed said,
Embarrassed once again, I quickly agreed and left, My brother was driving when it happened, I was cuddling with Reed, when the truck collided with our Porsche (a kind gift from my VERY rich aunt), I didn't see the driver, all I could see was a cloud of whit and I could feel the iron grip of Reed holding onto me as the car flipped end over end, we finally stopped having flipped 3 times, I looked down and saw reed blinking several times, my brother looked back at me, blood all over his forehead and tears in his eyes, the red reached my eyes and I touched along the side of my face and then I felt the thick substance, it felt as though it was surging out of a deep cut on cheek. Frowning I took off my shoes and used my socks to stop the bleeding, and with the other sock I pressed on the torn lip Reed had suffered, my brother having used his undershirt had soaked up most of the blood, we slowly started to come to our senses, the driver seat of the truck was empty, blood slowly started seep through the sock, I started to get nauseous, I opened the car door and threw up, and there he was again, running towards the crash site, he broke the window of the front door where my brother was a soon as he saw that he couldn't open the door, he helped him out and laid him carefully on the ground, I got to Reed who told him to care for me that he was all right and then he picked me up, my skin felt as if it were on fire, the strength and dexterity of his muscles seemed to put no effort in having to carry my weight, he laid me on the ground and looked me in the eyes, his beautiful blue eyes seemed to numb the pain on my face he got a kit out of his pocket, applied something to my cheek and was once again staring me in the eyes. I didn't notice the sirens, I didn't notice the paramedics rushing to me and the two most important people in my life, I only realize that my savior just disappeared into thin air.
You'd expect me to tell you, that at the hospital, my parents came rushing to me with tears in their eyes, and bouquets of roses in their arms. B U T, that doesn't happen to be the case. Nobody came with get well cards, or with balloons that sang when you punched them. No, all I did was sit in a recline able hospital "chair", while I was poked and prodded by several nurses at a time. And suddenly he was there again.
He sat on the bed, my heart was pounding, I hadn't noticed that nobody was in the room except me and him, he touched my face, my skin was burning, molten lava seeped through my veins, it coursed through my body. His lips met mine with surprising knowledge, as if they were built for each other. A nurse walks in and clears her throat, immediately my angel separates from me.
"Jake, it's time"
He simply nods. He turns to me again and I feel a sharp prick in my neck and then I pass out.
When I wake I'm in a dark muggy room, scared I try to get up but find my arms strapped down and needles erecting from my arms, a wave runs through and I start to scream, I hear something from behind me, something tells me to shut up, so I quickly end my scream with a whimper. The voice that pierces the darkness is cold and without emotion.
"You have something that we want",
I am unable to turn my neck paralyzed, I just managed to turn my eyes downward to avoid the cold stare that so easily broke through my psyche. A cold hand grabbed my face with astounding strength and wrenched it up words.
"Look at me!"
I whimper, fear coiling in my gut.
"You insolent child!" The figure slaps me across the face, splitting my lip.
Tears run freely down my cheeks.
"Bring them in." I stare in horror as they drag in my brother broken and bleeding.

"We are about to insert an artificial worm in your brothers ear. It will tunnel to his brain and link itself to the bottom of his brainstem and release a serum that will MAKE him tell us where it is."
"I d-d-don't know what IT is, I d-d-don’t know what's going on, p-p-please stop."
I closed my eyes hoping that this was just a bad dream, tears still running freely, I didn't see anything, I tried to touch my face to make sure my eyes were open but I was still roped down.
I heard the screaming of my brother and my brain slowly and sluggishly started to numb my senses until I was passed out.
Cold, frigid water woke me from my sleep, flailing my arms I realized I was no longer tied down, I sat up and also realized that I was no longer in a chair, I looked at my arms expecting to see the same pins and needles from before I passed out. Nothing was there, as if the needles were never pierced my skin. I looked around and noticed that I could see perfectly, but there was no light, as if some sort of miracle of God had given this room light. Or maybe I was hallucinating, maybe I'm dreaming, no, that’s stupid. I stood and remembered the cold water, but looked around now noticing that the room was entirely black. My eyes raked the room, starting to panic, feeling my heart pounding, where am I?
"Katherine Laruice Redbrem."
The computerized voice semmed both male and female, but resounded with strength.
" Walk towards the light."
At the final word light a piercing white blaze appeared at what looked like the corner of the room. I stood my ground, not willing to comply with the command.
" Walk towards the light or you will be forced."
I continued to stand my ground.
" So be it."
A pain so massive in size slammed into my back and shoke my being, it continued as I opened my mouth to scream but air escaped without sound. I stumbled trying to get away from the pain. I ran towards the light, I ran as if I was being chased by a pack of starving wolves. I finally reached a distance where there was no pain and the light seemed like a tangible cube in front of me.

"Grab the cube."
I did not hesitate, as if I had been longing to do so for years. But as I laid my hands upon the cube, a sudden blackness loomed on the room that I was in. I immediately released the cube and the light returned.
" Why did you release the cube, grab it again"
I tried to say no but nothing came out of my mouth as I opened it.
What? How did he, it, know? Can it read my mind or something?
"Yes, Katherine Laruice Redbrem, we know what you think, what you've done, what you will do, and what going to happen if you don't grab the cube again."
Feeling so humbled, broken and naked. I started to walk towards the light again. When I noticed that I was not wearing the clothes I had been wearing at Starbucks. But the thought floated away as I was gripped by the same urge to lay my hands on the cube. Unlike the last time I grab the cube and gripped it so tightly that I heard a crack. Surprised I dropped the cube of light and it hit the ground. The sound was as though Zeus had taken thousands of lightning bolts and sent them crashing to earth, but the sight, must have been like staring into the eyes of God.
I was thrown back with such force that I felt my eardrums shatter from the G force, my retina's disconnected from my eyeballs, I slammed in the wall, felt the knife of pain once again stab my body. blind, deaf, unable to stand. I laid there, my hands covering my blind face.
I opened my eyes not remembering have ever had them closed . I was in a glass tube, naked, hoses ran from holes in my body, I was floating. I started to move to unplug the hoses but a voice in my head spoke.
" You'll drown, be calm and I will be there shortly."
The voice, seemed familiar. Forgetting the thought entirely claustrophobia coursed through me. At the moment where I was going to pull the hoses out a drown rather than be in that cursed glass tube. He stood in front of the tube. A satchel in his right hand, small silver box in his left. He walked up to the tube, touched the glass and tapped on it annoyingly, in random places. Maybe there's a key board on the outside. AT the end of my thought the glass tube opened, his hands ran done my naked body removing the hoses that erupted from my skin. he pulled me out and laid me on the ground. He removed a strange pair of clothes from the satchel, I went to raise my hand but found that I could barely breath. Sensing my struggle he said.
" Stop, you muscles are atrophied, don't move or you might kill yourself."
That voice, was so appealing to my ears. He placed the small sweater on bare chest, he pulled on a cord that hung on the side, and like a virus the cloth came alive and crawled around my body, with the exclusion of my face. On which he placed the other article of clothing which semmed much thicker, when he pulled the chord on that piece of cloth it to crawled around my head, but where my eyes were found, was a small visor. He pulled the satchel over his back, and continued to hold onto the box. with one arm and surprising strength, he put me on his shoulder. The helmet muted the sounds around me. But I heard a voice on an intercom speak in some strange language, then as he turned I saw the thousands of glass tubes with men and women alike, naked inside with the same hoses running from their arms. I was appalled I felt the bile build in the back of my throat, but quickly suppressed thinking of what would happen if I threw up in this helmet. He stopped running abruptly, and set me down.
"There are guards coming, I'll take care of them, but don't try to move or make noise."
I wanted to hear more of his voice. He set the box down on the ground, stepped on it. The sight of seeing the box turn into some sort of liquid and cover his body as the cloth had covered mine was astonishing. He stood there in a suit of shining silver, the liquid continued and went to form what seemed like a gun out of a video game. The liquid formed a belt that held several gold canisters, of which he removed one. and loaded it into the futuristic weapon, he took aim. The gun fired without him having to pull a trigger. The sight was magnificent as the canister hit the wall behind the group of soldiers, the sound would have deafened me. The ground shook, he returned to where I was, gore covering his silver suit. He once again picked me up and placed my over his shoulder and once again ran. He ran through the hole that the gold canister had made. Once on the other side of the wall I moved my eyes up and saw the hole shrink, as if the wall was alive and was closing the gaping wound. He seemed to be opening something, where he walked inside and laid me down. As he sat me down, I noticed that he was no longer completely covered by his silver suit of armor, but a plate of silver sat at his shoulder. I felt the sharp prick of a needle and the blackness of sleep cloud my brain. His voice spoke soothingly.
" Sleep Katherine, sleep."
And so I slept.
I once again awoke from my sleep. I'm sleeping too much. I was lying on a hospital chair, the room was well lit, but the walls semmed as though they might collapse any moment. I stood becoming aware that I could now move my body. My stomach rumbled with a hunger that I had never known. I moved towards the door, or what seemed to be the door but the instant I set my foot forward my knees buckled from underneath. I crashed to the floor with a loud scream. THUMP. Landing on my elbows pain coursed through my body, a pain that felt too real. Am I dreaming? The pain quickly subsided. He came through the door, with inhuman speed. Who is he? Where is he from? Why do I fell that I know him?
"Good lord Katherine." The sound flowed off his tongue perfectly.
"Who are yueh" Was all that I could say before I hurled all over the floor in front of me, vertigo gripping my senses, nausea shaking my body.
"It's ok, let it out" His voice pealed like bells
Jake. The nurse. The car crash. That’s him. At Starbucks. Where the hell am i?
Katherine, don’t worry where you are. Your safe now. But we have a lot to talk about.
Shocked I mustered my strength and said haorsely.
"How,What do you d-" I was cut off by a sharp whitening noise, a women's voice screamed incoming. The earth shook as if a giant had become angry and was throwing a tantrum. Take cover was yelled from somewhere outside the door. Then it happened.


The author's comments:
This is going to be a book eventually. For now this is all I have.

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on Sep. 3 2017 at 1:42 pm
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
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Oh my gosh! I'm working on a book two! Well, more like two; but it's nice to know that someone else is writing a book two.


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