Animal Problems

December 12, 2011
“Party!” I screamed as my best friend, Trent was driving the RV. My girl friend and his were both sitting at a wooden table, talking about girl stuff. I was sitting up front with Trent. It was Spring Break and we were going on a road trip.

“How is senior year going for you so far?” asked Trent in a dorky voice.

“Shut it.” I laughed and gave him a punch in the arm. “You ready to party?!” I yelled in his ear. For some reason I was so pumped up. Most likely because my parents actually said yes. They are extremely strict with everything I do.

“Who wouldn’t be?” he said.

“A loser like you.” I laughed.

“You mean like you?” he replied, thinking that was supposed to be cunning or something. All I did was just shake my head. I got up and went to sit with the girls. Amanda, my girl friend, was standing at about five feet, five inches and had dark, lush brown hair and a smiled even the coolest jock would die for. Luckily that smile was just for me. Trent’s girlfriend, Amber, was about five foot six inches with blonde hair and cute dimples. They were both on the cheer leading team and Trent and I were both on the football team, starting.

“Hi JB.” said Amanda.

“Hi beautiful.” I smiled. “What are you two ladies up to?”

“Nothing much. Just seeing which one was hotter, you or Trent?” replied Amber with a smile.

“Well, I have you two decided?” I asked.

“Nope, still trying to figure it out.” She chirped. I sat down next to Amanda and put my arm around her. She moved closer and snuggled up to me.

“You two lucky ladies ready for the best time of your lives?” I asked.

“Yup,” they both said in unison. I got back up and went to the front.

“We almost there yet?” I asked Trent.

“Just five more miles.” He replied. “You excited?”

“What do you think?” I asked an rolled my eyes. I looked forward and screamed at the top of my lungs. There, in the middle of the road, was a baby bear cub. Its eyes looked so small and innocent as we were coming towards it. Trent gasped and slammed on the breaks. Too late “THUMP!”

“Oh no.” I muttered. My face went pale. I looked at Trent and he was physically shaking. I ran to the back of the R.V. and looked out the window. And there it was, lying in the middle of the road. No blood was coming out of it, but the flies were already coming towards it. I looked away and covered my mouth. I felt sick. I looked over at Amanda. He face was dark.

“What happened?” she blurted out. All I could do was point. She ran to the window and shrieked. Amber came right after her and looked out of the window. She gasped and leapt into the bathroom. I could hear here moan and throw up. It was disgusting. I felt the R.V jolt and it was on the move. I staggered my way to the front.

“What… do… you think… you are… doing?” I managed to get out.

“I am not staying around here to look at that. I am getting as far away as possible. Soon we will be at the campsite and everything will be fine. Don’t worry.” I couldn’t believe what I am hearing. I was sick to my stomach. Did he just say that? I closed my eyes and tried to calm down. I opened them and looked back at him. I think his face was paler then mine. I suddenly felt light headed. I looked down and was floating off the ground. I looked up at Trent and there were two of him. My stomach flipped- flopped and I fell. Darkness fell over my vision and all I could remember was the feeling of falling backward.

“JB. JB, wake up. Aw man. I think he is unconscious” I heard a worried voice stutter. I strained to open my eyes. Too much pain. I moaned.

“I think he is coming around.” The same voice murmured. I could now identify the voice. It was Trent. I strained to open my eyes again, success. It was about mid day and Trent, Amanda, and Amber were standing over me, worried filled their faces.

“I am okay, don’t worry.” I moaned, trying to calm them down. I stood up slowly and looked around my surrounding. We were at the camp sight.

“Are you sure you are okay?” Trent asked, the worry leaving his face.

“Dude, I am fine stop worrying,” I muttered, “I just wasn’t feeling well, that’s all.” I walked around, trying to get my stomach to settle. The sight was kind of small and very leafy. You could clearly smell the scent of pine.

For the rest of the day, we discussed what had just happened.

“I still can not believe that you said that.” I scolded Trent.

“I was a nervous wreck, and plus, I have a very weak stomach. A worm cut in half could make me sick.” He argued. He had a good point that. But I was still mad at him. “I am going to go and pick up some fire wood.”

“I will come with you.” I retorted. I stood up and almost lost my balance. I fell on my butt.

“Oh, no you won’t.” Amanda argued. There was no use in arguing with her so I just let it go and sit there. Amber sat up and went next to Trent. Apparently they were going to go together. I didn’t care anymore. I fell back and closed my eyes. In a matter of seconds, I was out like a light.

I suddenly awoke and looked around. Night had fallen and nobody was in sight. I stood up and walked around.

“Amanda, you there?” I called out. Something was bad. I could tell. I could sense it. That is why I had awoken. I went into the R.V and nobody was in there. Terror slowly crept over my body. I ran out the door of the R.V. I looked around frantically, trying to comprehend what happened here.

“ROAR!” I jumped. Out of now where a bear had crept up behind me and scared me out of my skin. I slowly turned around and there it was, standing there, towering over my body. Liquid was coming out of its mouth and I could only guess what it was. I slowly backed up into the R.V and found my cell phone. I dialed 911. it quickly ended the call.

“Great, no signal.” I mumbled. I looked out of the window and the bear was staring right back at me. I conjured up a plan. I flew through the door and ran as fast as I could down the trail until I came up to the highway. I ran out into and turned. All I saw was a blinding flash of light and a blaring car horn. BOOM! I felt an impact on my stomach and felt the wind get knocked out of me. The last thing I remember was my body flying through the air.

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