The Hunt

December 12, 2011
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There once was a dad and his son. They went hunting one day at their deer shack in Spooner, WI. The son and the dad were on their way to their tree stands when the son saw a bobcat. They saw it standing up on its hind legs looking for something to eat. The dad told his son to try to walk slowly around the bobcat but they stepped on a branch when they saw the bobcat. When they stepped on the branch the bobcat saw them and started to charge after them. The bobcat took down the dad, so the son ran as fast as he could to get to his tree stand. The son grabbed his deer rifle, put a bullet in it, looked at the bobcat, and shot it in the heart. The son got out of his tree stand to go check on his dad. When he got over to his dad he removed the dead bobcat. Then he called the EMT’s because he thought his dad was really hurt from when the bobcat stomped on him and bit him. The EMT’s told the son they were 10 minutes out. Before the EMT’s got there the son took his dad into the hunting shack to clean out his cuts. After the EMT’s arrived at the deer shack they looked at the son’s dad. They said he will be in the hospital for 10 days. He had ten broken ribs and 5 broken neck bones, so after the son heard this he started crying. The EMT’s said, “We can take you to your grandma’s house.”
The ten days were up now so the son went back to the hospital and the doctors explained that his dad would be paralyzed from the waste down. Then the son asked the doctors, “Can we could still go hunting and fishing together.” They replied no, but you and your grandma can do those things together. The dad had to go into physical therapy treatment for 2 years. The son started doing things without his dad, and the dad was happy about that. Then the dad got back home and the son and he did things together like they used to do.

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