Sir Rich’s Quest

December 3, 2011
By Zan Asif BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
Zan Asif BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
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Dodging the Dragon’s fiery breath Sir Rich sprinted toward the entrance to the treasure room. Diving in at the last second he finally made it to the Vault of Treasures. Protected by the vault’s mystical charm he gathered his spoils of battle and raided the treasure room to take back to the kingdom he served. The Dragon tried again and again to attack the knight but his fiery breath bounced right back to him. Finally giving up, the Dragon left the ruined castle and went back to his lair. Then Sir Rich made his long journey back to his kingdom.

The citizens of the kingdom and the king greeted him with joy. Sir Rich had brought back the treasure stolen by that dragon. There was a big ceremony for his defeat of the dragon and the retrieval of the treasure. Being rewarded with part of the treasure because he got it back, Sir Rich wanted more. The jewels and the gold made him greedy. That night, he snuck into the treasure room of the castle and took a generous amount of jewels and gold. Just as he was about to leave, in the door way stood the king.
Enraged by seeing Sir Rich’s arms piled high with treasures he accused Sir Rich of stealing from the kingdom and stripped him of his status and knighthood, since he broke the code of chivalry. After he realized what he had just done Sir Rich pleaded for forgiveness from the king. Taking into account Sir Rich’s noble deeds and his retrieval of the stolen treasure he told Sir Rich something very important. The King feeling generous, because he got his treasure back, told Sir Rich he could have his knighthood and power back if he would complete a quest. Sir Rich would have to travel to a distant castle that held the crown jewel of treasures, The Pyramid. Many had tried to obtain it but none had succeeded. The journey was full of bandits and cut-throat criminals. To redeem himself he had to go and get the treasure.
The next morning he started the quest by leaving with a sack filled with supplies for the trip. He used the kingdom’s fastest horse to get to the castle as quick as he could. Not resting for a single minute, Sir Rich urged the horse to continue as long as it could. After the horse tired out Sir Rich continued on foot, not wanting to stop and left the horse behind. Fighting many bandits on his journey and defeating the criminals he eventually made it to the castle.
To his surprise the dragon that stole the treasure from before was guarding this castle. Sir Rich tried to sneak attack the dragon but his weapons could not pierce the dragon’s scaly hide. His weapons bounced off the dragon’s hide and fell into the lava surrounding the castle. He resorted to using the chains that he found on the ground. By dodging the dragon’s attacks he wrapped chains around its feet and made it all into the lava, ending the treacherous fiend’s life.
Sir Rich had defeated the dragon and finally made it to the treasure which was in a chest. He found inside the chest a note that stated that whoever found the chest owns it and can choose what to do with it. It also provided a magical transportation back home.
Sir Rich told the king about this note when he was teleported back home. The king told Sir Rich he could do whatever he wanted with it. Sir Rich had learned so much on this quest he had gone on. He learned that treasures and wealth is not all that is to life. By learning the lesson to be generous from this quest he was given his title of being a knight again. He distributed the treasure evenly on the lower class of the kingdom. Generosity will always be a fundamental element of the code of chivalry and knights throughout all time will always have this trait.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the code of chivalry used by knights. I hope people learn to not be greedy from this piece of writing

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