Billy Blaine

December 9, 2011
Bobby Blaine
(World’s greatest spy)

Back in the year 1983 there was a man, a man who faced a great challenge. No other man is qualified for the job. The countries only hope is… Bobby Blaine.

Bobby Blain was born in Iowa 1955’ His dad, Henry Blain, ran the local, family business; “Blains Hardware” Henry had big plans for the oldest of his three sons, Bobby.t He would someday run Blains Hardware. But as Bobby grew up, so did his imagination. He wanted to become as spy. By age 18 he was about to graduate high school. He would then move on to spy school. However, he had still kept in the dark his intentions to his father, knowing it would crush his him. Bobby decided to enlighten his family that night at his graduation dinner.

Several hours later, the time had come.
“Dad, I need to tell you something very important.”
“What is it son”?
“Well I don’t know how to say this without hurting you, so I’m just going to go ahead and say it. I don’t want to join the family business; I want to become a spy, in the CIA
After a long pause his dad finally spoke, “I understand”
“What I don’t understand”, Bobby was speechless, “You mean you’re okay with this”.
“Of course I am Bobby, you are my son, and nothing will ever change that. I will support your decisions no matter how much they hurt.
20 Years Later
The master spy was located inside Moscow, Russia. His mission was to locate and bring back the captured United States President’s daughter. Her name was Nicole; she was a 10 year old girl. The Russians captors were not Russian government however. They were a group of Russian convicts; they called themselves “Golos Rossii” meaning “The Voice of Russia”. They held a ransom at 30 million U.S dollars or 928800000 Russian Rubles. Blaine had to find the daughter and get her to safety.
He was riding in a local cab on his way back to his hotel, the “Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel” when all of a sudden the taxi started spinning mad. Bobby and his driver slammed into a nearby fountain. Flashes of white fire were being shot at them from all directions the eye could see. He was unarmed and defenseless. His only option was to escape a few meters away from him was an alley. Rolling swiftly into the alley he went. He made it. But that wasn’t his only challenge. He had to get away. Sprinting down the alley, he noticed that he was nearing the Ustinsky Bridge. Gun shots started blasting in his direction once again. “Golos Rossi” men game from each end of the bridge. Surely he would be dead if he didn’t get off that bridge. Diving off the bridge saved his life. He plunged into the Moskva River. It’s murky, ice cold water swallowed blain whole. It spit him back out and carried him down stream. He knew he had to stay focused. He still wasn’t safe. A small dinghy approached Billy. He grabbed onto the metal rails, flinging himself onto its deck.
“Finally Escaped,” thinking to himself.
He now stood up to get a good look of his surroundings, when he was strucked on the head. Black engulfed him.

Bobby woke up in a cold, damp cell. He was shackled to a metal fence. It appeared that he was underground. A door near the far right of the room swung open. In walked a man with a red scar that extended from his the center of his forehead to the corner of his mouth. The man spoke
“Hello there, I am Deatric Scarn. By now I’m sure that you’re guessing that we have the girl. Unfortunately your time is up.
Blaine was frantic, but he was going to prove Deatric wrong. The metal fence behind him was very loose. If he pulled hard enough, it would break. With one giant heave the fence gave. In one swift turn, using the fence he tried to hit Scarn in the ribs. Scarn dogged but unfortunately for him he slipped on some water that dripped down from a leaky pipe. Down he went, hitting his head on an empty oil drum.
“Well that was easy,” Blaine was out of breath but capable of moving on.

Bobby Blaine again faced a new challenge. He began his search in the underground hideout for the girl.
“Where is she”?
In the corner the spy noticed a door; he picked up the paste and jogged towards the entry. Inside he went, scanning the whole room with his experienced eyes….. nothing. Just when defeat was near, Bobby noticed a piece of wall irregularly jutting in. He pressed, and the wall moved in to reveal the girl.
“Help me” is all she could muster to say. She was nearly starved to death by her captors and very weak.
“My name is Bobby Blaine; I was sent hear by your father to extract and get you to safety. I’m going to need your cooperation and strength okay? I’m going to get you home.
Bobby quickly picked the starved girls lock with a nearby rusty nail. He then picked the girl up and began their escape. The Golos Rossii would be looking for the two of them almost immediately. The pair ran back down the long corridor, Being careful of making too much noise. Stealth was key. All of a sudden the sound of feet shuffling stopped the escapees in their tracks. They spy ducked the two of them into a door frame, swallowing them in shadows. Two men ran past them, guns held ready to be used if needed to. The spy picked Nicole up. A couple feet away a flight of stairs extended into what may be outside.
“This may be it”
And he was right. Blaine barged through the door. Waiting for them was a lonely alley. It was night time. He used a pay-phone on the curb of the end of the alley. The first task he needed to do was to contact HQ. He explained all that had happened over the past 24 hours. They came and picked up the exhausted man and girl. They were picked up in a tinted window limo. Immediately they were driven to the closet airport and were flown home. When they arrived at Washington DC they were accompanied by four secret service men. Again, they were all driven to the White House to see the president. After much hugs and conversation with Nicole, the president turned to face the spy who saved his daughters life. He said,
“Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel for what you have done for me. I am forever in your debt. I will award you the Medal of Honor. Bobby Blaine, you are truly the world’s greatest spy.

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